Lewis and Clark

  • May 21-July 31, 1804

    May 21-July 31, 1804
    Louis and Clarks journey begins. Their journey began with them going upstream from their St. Louis-area camp.
  • Winter Among the Mandan

    Winter Among the Mandan
    The expedition members kept busy during the Fort Mandan winter reparing equipment, trading with the Indians, and hunting for buffalo. Lewis and Clark learned much about the country to the west from the Mandan and their neighbors the Hidatsa.
  • Into Grizzly Country

    Into Grizzly Country
    Lewis and Clark were heading due west and were warned by indians that they were in Grizzly bear territory and they are very powerful creatures. Lewis didnt take the native seriously until he was chased by a Grizzly and bearly made it out alive.
  • Rockies in sight

    Rockies in sight
    Lewis and Clark were growing anxious to see the Rocky mountains. They had a very tough journy ahead of them.
  • A fork in the river

    A fork in the river
    Lewis, Clark, and their crew came upon a fork in the river and the entire crew was debating on which rout to take. The scouts sent ahead failed to provide answers. Lewis took three men in search for the great falls which will show wheather hes on the Missouri.
  • Around the Great Falls

    Around the Great Falls
    Going around the great falls would take much more time then Lewis calculated. The portage began and it was the hardest physical task of the trip so far. It would take more than a month for the expedition to go around the Great Falls.
  • Among the Shoshone

    Among the Shoshone
    The expidition ran into the brother of Sacagawea's and they were taken to the chief and they traded to get hourses. The price for poor conditioned hourses went really high.
  • Deadly Crossing: The Bitterroots

    Deadly Crossing: The Bitterroots
    Food supplies for the expedition ran low and the game was scarce. The Americans were barely surviving and they were running into different tribes of Native Americans that helped them by supplying hourses and food.
  • Ocian in View

    Ocian in View
    They believed that they had reached the Pacific ocean, but they were actually at te estuary of the Columbia- which was still 20 miles from the coast.
  • Winter on the Pacific

    Winter on the Pacific
    Lewis and Clark decided to make camp south of the Columbia. Christmas was gloomy it was filled with non stop raining. There was a ship that the natives traded with and the natives didnt tell Lewis and Clark about it and the ship left without them even noticing.
  • Given Up for Dead, Hailed as Heros

    Given Up for Dead, Hailed as Heros
    The expedition was making as much as 80 miles a day. Lewis and Clark began to meet traders that told them that they have been given up for dead. After 2 years 4 months, and 10 days they returned to one thousand people of St. Louis greeting them with gunfire salutes and an enthusiastic welcome.
  • Readying for the Return

    Readying for the Return
    Everyone was eager to get back home. To get back they would have to go back threw the mountains, but if they waited to long the missouri river would be fozen and then they would have to spend another winter in the plains.