Legislation for children with disabilities

  • Public Law 88-164

    Authorized funds for training professionals to work with children with special need. Also for research for students with IDD and deafness
  • Public Law 94-142

    In 1975 congress passes the Education for All handicapped Children Act, designed to assure all handicapped children were provided with free appropriate public education.
  • Public Law 99-457

    Not intended for children of all ages but early intervention children. Allocating state funds to develope plans and programs for children and their families
  • Americans with disabilities Act of 1992

    Cannot discriminate solely on the disabilities and have equal access to education.
  • No Child Left Behind

    Hold schools and education responsible for bringing students to a minimim level of competency. Requires schools to present test data to prove their effectiveness.
  • IDEA

    Special education teachers must have lisence to teach. Must have transition services meaning: instruction, community experiences, development of employement, and other post-school adult living activities.