• Public Law 88-164

    Public Law 88-164 was created in 1963 by President Kennedy. He was Influenced by his sister's disability(Mental Retardation or Intellectual disorder. It is a fund that trains people who work with children with disabilities.
  • Public Law 93-112

    This is a very important piece of legislation provides equal access to programs and services for individuals with disabilities. They can not be denied participation in activities or programs based on there disability. It helps students out who have failing grades, suspension, and chronic behavioral problems.
  • Public Law 94-142

    Education for all handicapped Children. It gives all children that are handicapped a free and public education. There are six provsions.
  • Public Law 99-457

    This was passed in 1986. It changed Education for All Handicapped Children Act to Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or (IDEA). They are entilted to a free and public education. It gives money to the states to provide this service. Technology is one of the foundations of IDEA
  • Public Law 101- 336

    This is the Americans with Disabilities Act. It extends Civil rights to people with disabilties. It includeds 5 Titles.
  • No Child Left Behind Public Law 107-110

    This law impacts all children and children with disabilities. It requires schools to provide data with thier effectivness. Schools are held accountable.
  • Individuals with Disablities Education Act

    There were major changes to IDEA such as quality of personnel, post-school life, early intervention, plans for technology, instructional practices, Servicesd must be addressed if the child is 16 years of age or younger.