Leafy Exchanges

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  • 1450

    Jan Baptista van Helmont

    Demonstrated that most material in a plants body does not come from soil; he suggested it came from water
  • Stephen Hales

    Suggested plants get some nourishment from air
  • Joseph Priestley

    Showed that plants could ‘restore’ air injured (by respiration)
  • Jan Ingenhousz

    ‘injured air’ and that only the green parts do this; all parts of plants "injure" air, ie. respire
  • Jean Senebier

    Oxygen discovered and named "restored air". Carbon dioxide discovered and identified as "injured air"
  • Julius von Sachs

    Discovered plant respiration, and that chlorophyll is found in chloroplasts; showed that starch grains form during photosynthesis, and that plants take in and use minerals from the soil; showed that minerals were required for making chlorophyll
  • Theodor Wilhelm Engelmann

    Showed that oxygen was produced by chloroplasts, and that red and blue light are the most important wavelengths for photosynthesis