Leading to WW2

  • Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party

    Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the Nazi Party. This leads up to Hitler becoming Chancellor of Germany in 1933.
  • Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin is made the sole dictator of the Soviet Union
  • Manchuria, China

    The Japanese army seizes the town of Manchuria, China. Under Japanese control, Manchuria was one of the most brutally run regions in the world
  • Chancellor Hitler

    Adolf Hitler is named the Chancellor of Germany. Under Hitler, Germany soon would start World War II with the invasion of Poland and would start rounding up Jews for the Holocaust.
  • Neutrality Act

    he Neutrality Act, preventing the United States from aiding anyone in the war, is passed. This is to ensure that no harm is done to the U.S.
  • Militarists take control

    • Militarists take control of the Japanese government. Japan became obsessed with militarism and the Japanese military grows and strengthen
  • Hitler in Rhinelands

    Adolf Hitler sends his troops into the Rhinelands. This was, for Germany, a violation of the Versailles Treaty
  • Nanjing China

    Japan's army attacks the town of Nanjing, China. They massacre a quarter of a million people
  • Beginning of Holocaust

    he Nazis begin to round of Jews for labor camps, which eventually turn into execution camps. This will be later known as the Holocaust
  • ennemy pact

    he Nazi-Soviet Pact is signed by Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. This was a non-aggression agreement between Germany and the Soviet Union. The signing of the Pact was suprising because Germany and the Soviet Union were enemies
  • WW2

    On September 1st, 1939, the Nazis invade Poland; In response to this, Britain and France declared war on Germany. This was the official start of World War Two