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Lauren's Reading Log 2011

By misrm7
  • Secrets of Tamarind

    Secrets of Tamarind
    Simon, Maya and Penny never thought they'd return to Tamarind the mystical island of adventure...But when a long-lost friend tells them Tamarind is in danger, they know they must go back.On their arrival, Tamarind is more mysterious than ever before. By Nadia Aguiar This is an amazing book which is filled with an exciting plot and amazingly worded descriptive paragraphs. I recomend this book for readers aged 10 and up. I give this book an 8/10 and recomend reading the first of the series.
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    Lauren's Reading Log 2011

  • The Keepers Daughter

    The Keepers Daughter
    Orphaned as a baby. Nyssa can only dream about who she is and where she comes from, but with the arrival of dark strangers, from her past is revealed. by Gill Arbuthnott. This book is fulled with adventure and mistery that only left me wanting more. I recomend for readers around intermediate age and up as it is quite complicated.
  • War Stories for Girls

    War Stories for Girls
    This is one book is fulled with three different stories all based on the subject of war. They are stories that are writen as a diary of a person in the specific situation and are a pleasure to read. The start of one story was a little dull and did not grab me in all that much but do not regret keeping on reading as i enjoyed it alot. I recomend this book for teenagers because it is about a range of very real subjects and is are complicated reads.
  • Once

    This is a great enjoyable book that really grabs you into the plot. i recomend it for mature readers at intermediate age and above as it contain death and war. This is the first out of three following books. By Morris Gleitzman
  • Now

    This book was the least enjoyable out of the three other books in the series but was still enjoyable. It had an interesting start but it didnt grab me in like the other books. The most exciting part that mad me prevent myself from putting the book down was the end that kept on getting more exciting as you read on. The book rounded off the series well with no unaswered questions. I recomend this book for intermediate aged kids and over. By morris Gleitziman
  • Then

    Then by Morris Gleitziman is a mature book for intermediate aged readers and above as it is a book about wwII and contains death, murder and volence. This is a book i found the best out of the three sequel books as it is carring on from the twist at the end of the first story. I would recomend reading the first book before this book, Once by Morris Gleitziman, as it leads onto this story and makes more sence.
  • Let me whisper you my story

    Let me whisper you my story
    moya simons
  • The Ruby Talisman

    The Ruby Talisman
    This book is the sequal to the locket of dreams, and is more historical than the locket of dreams, based on the French revolution, but is at the same level of reading (intermediate to collage aged children) and has the same level of excitment. Belinda Murrel
  • The hay stack

    The hay stack
    Jack lasenby
  • The viscoti house

    The viscoti house
    elsbeth edgar
  • Kaspar

    Michael morpurgo
  • Small steps

    Small steps
    Louis sachar
  • A new song in the land

    A new song in the land
    fleur beale
  • Into the dark

    Into the dark
    peter Abrahams
  • The Tooth

    The Tooth
    Des Hunt
  • Victoria

    anna kirwan
  • Cry of the Taniwha

    Cry of the Taniwha
    Des Hunt
  • The Secret of Jelly Mountain

    The Secret of Jelly Mountain
    Des Hunt
  • Whale Pot Bay

    Whale Pot Bay
    Des Hunt
  • The Crocodile Nest

    The Crocodile Nest
    Des Hunt
  • Shadows in the Ice

    Shadows in the Ice
    Des Hunt
  • chicken soup for the cat lover's soul

    chicken soup for the cat lover's soul
    A range of stories from sad to heroic about cats. An insperational thick book.
  • Frog Whistle Mine

    Frog Whistle Mine
    Des Hunt
  • Eclipse