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Laura Ingalls Wilder's Life and Works

  • Birth

    Laura Ingalls Wilder was born on February 7, 1867 in the "Big Woods" near the town of Pepin, Wisonsin. This photo is a replica of their cabin.
  • Period: to

    Time on the Prairie

    The Ingalls family moved to and spent two years living in a "Little House on the Prairie" in Kansas in Indian Territory. Laura's little sister, Carrie, was born during this time.
  • Move to Walnut Grove, Minnesota

    Move to Walnut Grove, Minnesota
    The Ingalls family left the "Big Woods" again and moved to Walnut Grove, Minnesota. First they lived in a dugout, and then Charles Ingalls, Laura's father, built a wooden house. This photo is an example of what a dugout looked like.
  • Brother Freddie Died

    An event left out of the "Little House" series, Caroline and Charles Ingalls lost their nine-month-old son, Freddie
  • Another Tragedy and a Move

    Another Tragedy and a Move
    The Ingalls family suffered an unknown illness, and Laura's older sister, Mary, went blind. The family moved to the railroad camp of De Smet on the shores of Silver Lake in Dakota Territory. They were the first settlers in what would become the town of De Smet, South Dakota. The photo is of De Smet in 1900. --Photo courtesy of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society, De Smet, SD
  • Period: to

    The Long Winter

    The Ingalls family and the town of De Smet endured the seven-month-long "Long Winter."
  • Wedding

    Laura Ingalls married Almanzo Wilder at the age of 18. He was 28.
  • Daughter Rose Born

    Daughter Rose Born
    Laura gave birth to Rose Wilder. The photo was taken when she was 4 years old.
  • Loss of Second Child

    Laura and Almonzo lost their second child, a son, only a few days after his birth. Two weeks later, their house burned down.
  • Period: to

    Moving Around

    The Wilder family left De Smet to live with Almonzo's family in Florida for a time. Then they returned to De Smet only to leave again and settle permanently in Mansfield, Missouri.
  • Father's Death

    Father's Death
    Laura's father died in De Smet.
  • Rose to San Francisco

    Rose to San Francisco
    Rose Wilder moved to San Francisco and began working as a journalist
  • Becoming a Writer

    Becoming a Writer
    Laura (age 44) took up writing articles for farm journals. The photo is of her writing desk.
  • Visiting Rose

    Laura goes to visit Rose in San Francisco and see the World's Fair. She stayed for two months.
  • Mother's Death

    Mother's Death
    Caroline Ingalls died in De Smet.
  • First Book!

    First Book!
    Harper and Brothers published "Little House in the Big Woods."
  • Second Book

    Second Book
    "Farmer Boy" published
  • Period: to

    Six More Books

    Laura published six more books:
    - "Little House on the Prairie" 1935
    - "On the Banks of Plum Creek" 1937
    - "By the Shores of Silver Lake" 1939
    - "The Long Winter" 1940
    - "Little Town on the Prairie" 1941
    - "These Happy Golden Years" 1943
  • Husband's Death

    Husband's Death
    Almonzo Wilder died at the age of ninety-two at their home in Mansfield, Missouri, Rocky Ridge Farm.
  • Illustrations!

    New editions of the "Little House" books were published with brand-new illustrations done by Garth Williams.
  • Death

    Laura Ingalls Wilder died at the age of 90 on February 10, 1957 (3 days after her birthday) in her home in Mansfield, Missouri.