Latin music

  • When has started?

    When has started?
    This type of music started on 50's century.
  • How has started?

    How has started?
    Until 1776 they used to use a drum for telling stories like a way of entertainment.
  • Selena y los Dinos

    Selena y los Dinos
    They play the Tejano music.
    They active years were 1982-1995, 2005.
  • The salsa legend

    The salsa legend
    Celia Cruz revolutionized salsa and become in a musical legend.
  • 1970

    Salsa is the commercial expression used to refer to the Caribean and Cuban music.
  • Axé

    Originating in Brazil on 1986 Iva Sangalo is the most famous singer in this subgenre.
  • Hail to the Queen Pop

    Hail to the Queen Pop
    Gloria Estefan plays the Murga Panameña. And is kown for her energetic perfomances.
  • Brasil

    From the 18 century on the popular music started to show a characteristic sound due to the great participation of black people.
  • Cuba

    Has produced a lot of different styles of music. The most famous is the Habanera that has infuluence a lot in America Latina
  • Bolivia

    The native music Quechua and Aimara where integrated with the pop.
  • Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico
    Now a days the most international rythm is the salsa and the reggaeton.
  • Tango

    Tango is a dance from Rio de plata characterize in the city of Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Rosario. Is started in midway through of XIX century
  • Mambo

    was created in Cuba by Arsenico Rodrídez in the 30s
  • Chachachá

    Was created in Cuba. It was created using the "danzon" and the "son montuno" as refence by Enrrique Jorrín in 1953
  • Bolero

    Was created in Cuba in the XIX century, around 1840. The first bolero was "Tristezas" by José Pepe Sánchez
  • Salsa

    Is a mix of the "son cubano" and "jazz". Is expanded in 1970
  • Reggaeton

    Was created in Panamá in 1970. Later was evolved in Puerto Rico in 1980. Is a adaptation of " reggae jamaiquino"
  • Tejana

    Is a combination of "country", "rock" and "rhythm & blues" originated in Texas. Dominate de mexican music
  • Vallenato

    Is one gendre music that is representative of Caribean Coast of Colombia. It is recorded by diatonic accordion