Lacrosse Seasons

By la12011
  • Swarm lacrosse clinic

    2 of the the top swarm lacrosse goal scoreres came to Grand Rapids to show us how to be better lacrosse players
  • grand Rapids 4-6 first game at duluth

    they lost to duluth 4-9
  • JV and Varsity first game

    the game is a gainst rogers. varsity won but JV lost 2-1
  • Grand Rapids girls first game

  • middle school 7-8 grade first game

    the first game of the year for the 7-8 grade team. It is against armstrong and after the game the hole GrandRapids Lcrosse team will go to the Minnesota Swarm game. Minnesota's professonial box lacrosse team
  • Grand Rapids lacrosse shout out at sugar lake golf coarse

    this is the biggest tourament in a 5 state region. There will be 42 teams at the tourament this year.