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By SJRebel
  • Martha Graham (culturally/dancer and coreographer)

    Martha Graham (culturally/dancer and coreographer)
    On May 11, 1925 she got accepted to Fastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. She began working as part of the staff in late 1925.
  • Robert Oppenheimer (scientifically/american physisist

    Robert Oppenheimer (scientifically/american physisist
    Oppenhiemer required only two additional years of school at Cambridge University and the University of Gottingen to complere his doctoral degree in 1927.
  • Charles Drew (scientifically/ surgeon)

    Charles Drew (scientifically/ surgeon)
    In 1940, Drew got the medical science degree. He published 19 papers and 13 of then were about blood therapy.
  • Ray Kroc (economically/ founder of mcDonalds)

    Ray Kroc (economically/ founder of mcDonalds)
    Kroc opened the very first McDonalds. On his first day he made $366.12.
  • Frank L. Wright (Culturally/architect)

    Frank L. Wright (Culturally/architect)
    In october 1957 he designed the hyperbole of the Grand Opera and civic Auditorium for bagdhad,iraq. The drawings of helix, domes, and finals suggest how far wrights talents transcended
  • Maya Angelou (cullturally/american author)

    Maya Angelou (cullturally/american author)
    In 1970 she released her autobiography called "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings". This book got her to be famous.
  • Bill Gates (academically/co founder of microsoft)

    Bill Gates  (academically/co founder of microsoft)
    At this time he was considred the richest man in america. After two years of being at harvord he dropped out. bill gateswas the co founder of microsoft word.