KIte Runner Timeline

Timeline created by jnawrocki
  • Baba is born

    Baba is born (pg. 26)
  • Baba's father dies

    A thief walks in Baba’s father's house, killing the respected judge instantly (pg. 27)
  • Amir is born

    Amir is born (pg.1)
  • Amir's mother dies

    Sofia, Amir’s mother, dies while giving birth to Amir (pg.6).
  • Hassan is born

    Hassan is born (pg. 6)
  • Baba's orphanage has finished constructing

    Orphanage is completely built (pg.14)
  • Afghanistan changes forever

    Shootings take place (pg.37)
  • Amir writes his first story

    Amir writes his first short story in thirty minutes about a man who finds a magic cup and learns that if he cries into the cup, his tears turn into pearls. (pg. 33)
  • Hassan sees a plot hole in Amir's story

    Hassan identifies a great Plot Hole in Amir’s short story. (pg. 36)
    Instead of the man killing his wife to weep/produce tears, Hassan suggested the man had smelled an onion
  • Baba gives Hassan a birthday present

    Hassan has his harelip surgery (pg. 47)
  • Amir gains the pride he longed for

    Amir wins the tournament and Baba’s heart
  • Hassan is raped

    Hassan is raped (pg. 81)
    This event affects Amir significantly
  • Hassan smiles for the last time

    Hassan smiles for the last time (pg. 71)
  • Amir moves to America

    Living in America did not suit Baba because he did not speak good English (pg.132)
  • Amir graduates High School

    Amir graduated from High School (pg. 138)
  • Amir meets Soraya

    Amir meets Soraya (pg 153-154)
  • Rahim Khan goes to Hazarajat

    Rahim Khan went to Hazarajat to find Hassan (pg. 214)
  • Baba is diagnosed with Cancer

    Baba is diagnosed with Cancer and dies shortly after. (Pg. 162)
  • Amir's first novel is published

    Amir’s first novel was published (pg. 193)
    It was about a father-son story
  • Cold War ends

    Cold War ends (pg. 193)
  • Berlin Wall comes down

    Berlin Wall comes down (pg. 194)
  • Hassan dies

    Hassan is killed by the Talibans (pg. 231)
  • America bombs Afghanistan

    America bombs Afghanistan (pg. 382)
  • 911

    September 11, 2011: The Twin Towers are destroyed (pg. 381-382)
  • Sohrab smiles

    Sohrab finally smiles, for the first time (pg. 383, 391)