The New York Times/Kite Runner

Timeline created by Bernabearren
  • Baba Bilds an Orfanage

    Amir was about 5 to 6 years old when "Baba decided to build an orphanage...he told bob had draw the blueprints himself" (Hosseini 13). when Amir Introduces Baba he explain the fact that he made a Orfanage and how it was very scussful. Amir also explains that Baba funded everything to it.
  • Hassans birth

    Amir explains to introduce Hassan and where, he "was therein that little shack, that Hassan was born in the winter of 1964"(Hosseini 6). Amir states that he was born the shack of his servants house because Hassan was Amir's servant.
  • Baba's break

    It was when baba took a break from the construction to mostly focus on what baba wants Amir to be passionate about, sports "he sighed me up for soccer teams to stir the passion in me" (Hosseini 20). It explains that Baba was trying to attempt Amir to focus on what baba wants him to do and how bad wants to shape Amir.
  • Hassans and Amirs reading

    When Amir and Hassan are reading together Amir somewhat takes a little advantage of Hassan since he can't go to school because he was Pashto was Amir "was reading to him, and suddenly i strayed from the written story... I pretend i was reading...Hassan of course was oblivious" (Hosseini 30). Amir demonstrates taking advantage of Hassan because he won't understand because he has a lower statues then Amir so amir tens to toy with Hassan.
  • Amir introduction

    when Amir introduces himself at the beginging "I am today at the age of twelve on a frigid overcast day of the winter"(Hosseini 1). Amir talks about himself and how he feels. He also explains what the season is like.
  • Afganistan peace

    Amir claimed that he was " thirteen that summer of 1976, Afghanistan next to last summer of peace and anonymity" (Hosseini 93). The was in Afghanistan has finale with peace.
  • The war starting in Afghanistan

    when Hassan trees to look for his father Ali tells them to take cover as explosives are in the air "The sound of bombs and gunfires was not yet born...the official end, would come first in april 1978" ( Hosseini 36). The war in Afganistan strated and they have really heard the bombs and violence around the Afghanistan
  • Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

    When Afghanistan became "officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, has known little peace since 1979, when the Soviet Union invaded"(New York Times).
  • Hassans last Kite run

    This when they go on the kite run with Hassan and Amir but
    Hassan sadly gets raped by Assef because they won the last kite but Assef threatens "I'll let you keep it so it will always remind you of what i'm about to do" (Hosseini 73). When Amir heard and witnessed all of that he just keeps quiet and wasn't loyal because he was more worried about himself than Hassan.
  • Going to California

    When Amir and Baba are going to California baba thought that America was great idea because of the relaxation it gave him "Baba loved the idea of America...Baba would enlighten me with his politics during those walks" (Hosseini 125). I shows that Baba became more closer to Amir and that Amir had a person to rely on with him.
  • When they arrives back in Kabul

    When Amir gets older Baba and Amir come to the US "My innard had been rolling since we'd left Kabul" (Hosseini 110). It explains when Amir and Baba arrive back the Amir still acts to baba he can't show any weakness.
  • Graduation

    Amir finally graduates from high school at California Baba did not look was very proud at Amir beached Baba just " Smiled...I smiled for him in a way , this was his day more then mine" (Hosseini 131). it shows the Baba doesn't really look interested that Amir just Graduated but Air is still glad that he came .
  • the meeting to Hassan

    When Rahim called Amir telling about Hassan , Hassan seemed to be asking more questions about Amir and more interested then Amir did "What will Amir aha think?...Whatt will he think when he comes back to Kabul after the war"(Hosseini 208). It seemed that Amir was likely more scared to meet Hassan because of the guilt Amir did in the past . But Hassan also repeated Amir back because of the dying of Baba Hassan wore black.
  • Soviet Air Forces being Useless

    the US was suppling better and more advanced aircrafts to rebels so Soviet Air forces were badly used.
  • Amirs first novel

    When the Russians retreated Afghanistan Amir was able to compose his first novel "about six months...finshed my first novel...father story set in kabul" (Hosseini 182). Amir had been proud that he finished his novel and that he was attended college but also sending his book to New york times which was an honore for him.
  • Soviet Troops leaving

    The make peace by the United Nation so the last few groups leave Afghanistan but left them a defestating war behind.
  • Their Daughter's passing

    In the realtion ship with Amir and Soraya they lost their first newborn to being a still born but Soryas doctors recommend "we could adopt one...he said it was an option"(Hosseini 186). After the mourn that they both felt with loosing a child they figure to find and adopt a child in sed with leads up to Sorab.
  • Soviet's forces final departs

    After the Soviet forces leave Afghanistan becomes worst because of the war fair but one organization will have it i control.
  • Taliban in control / in War

    According to New York times Magazine "The group had been given safe haven in the country by the Taliban, the extremist Islamic group that had seized control in 1996 after years of civil war"(New York Times).
  • Removing the Taliban

    The invasion had been a success the Al Qaeda took the Taliban from power.
  • Forces in Afganistan

    Gen. David H. Petraeus, Iraq commanded US army forces in Afghanistan.
  • Removes Gen McChrystal

    Prisendent Obama takes off McChrystal because of the disrespectful quotes that were sated to the senior administration in Rolling Stones Magazine.
  • Draw back of Plans

    The plans for the American forces started withdrawing from Afghanistan.
  • The limit of US forces

    President Obama stated the idea that American forces will stay in Afghanistan till the end of the year