Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

By 18wut37
  • Amir's birth

    Hassan was," born one year after my [Amir's] mother died giving birth to me."(6) so Amir was born in 1963. Amir's morther never got to met her child. Hassan and Amir grew up without mothers so they stuck together to find the missing hole in their hearts.
  • Hassan's mom leaves him

    Hassan's mom never wanted him so, "she refused to even hold Hassan and just five days later (after Hassan's birth), she was gone."(10) Amir's mom loved him even thought they never met but Hassan had a mom that didnt even want to look at him. Hassan later meets his mother and accepts her into his family. Hassan has the best morals and values in this book.(my opinion)
  • Hassan's birth

    Hassan was born,"in...[a]... little shack"(6). He was born into a poor family, that had just 2 members. Hassan had Amir as his only friend so he wasn't too lonely. Hassan never found out that Baba was his father and this would effect his whole life.
  • Baba starts making an orphanage

    (The year wasnt exact but it was the late 1960s) When Amir was still a young boy, "Baba decided to build an orphanage"(13) I like this part because it shows that Baba cares for others and not just himself. Baba used his own money to do something for others to cover up his sins.
  • Baba finishes the orphanage

    (not exactly 1972) The orphanage,"took three years to build,"(13) and Baba used only his own money to build it. He even designed it himself which show that he is not only caring but he is creative. Baba wanted be get rid of his guilt he felt toward Hassan by helping others
  • Monarchy in Afghanistan ended

    When," The king, Zhir Shah, was away in Italy... his cousin Daoud Khan ened the king's forty-year reign with a bloodless coup"(36). The day this happened Amir and Hassan were frightened by the sounds of gunfire outside and hide in Baba's study. This will lead to the Taliban taking over and evenually the end of Amir's relationship with Hassan.
  • When Amir's life changed

    Amir,"remember[s] the precise moment,"(1) when he is crouching behind a mud wall and peeking into an alley. Amir says that he became,"what I am today at the age of twelve, on a frigid overcast day in the winter of 1975"(1) He was tramaized at a very young age because of some sort of incident. We later find out it was Hassan being violated.
  • Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan

    Afghanistan, "has known little peace."(New York Times 1) ever since the Soviet Union invadaed in 1979.
  • Amir and Baba go to America

    (Book says 1980s so I will put 1980) Before Baba acually got to America he, "loved the idea of America"(125) but he will later regret it. He regreted it, but he cared about Amir's future more than his own happiness. Baba cares for Amir more than anyone even though he doesn't show it all the time
  • Amir graduates highschool

    Amir, "graduated from highschool at the age of 20"(131) and he was by far the oldest graduate there. Amir is smart but when I got to America he wasn't smart enough. Amir probably had a hard time in highschool because of the age difference. He went to school to please Baba and to get a career.
  • Baba gets sick

    (summer after Amir graduated so that is why I chose this date)
    Baba's sickness," started witha hacking cough and the sniffles"(153). It becomes worse, as Baba starts to cough out blood. Amir and Baba go see a doctor and they find out it is cancer. The only cause that they could think of was smoking.
  • Amir and Soraya get married

    (somewhere around this time) During the weddings, Afgaistanians have traditions that take monthes before the actual wedding happened. The problem with this is the fact that,"Baba didnt have months to live"(169). Baba spend his life savings on a $35,000 wedding ceremony for Amir and Soraya. Baba loved Amir and to him, Amir is his most prized and loved "possession".
  • Baba's death

    Baba lived a very sad ending as he spent his last few months bed riden. When Soraya we going to give Baba his medicine he said,"not tonight... there is no pain tonight... Baba never woke up"(173). Baba left the world surronded by people he loved, but not everyone he loved. Hassand, Kahim, and Ali werent there to see Baba. The good part is that he got to see Amir will his wife and saw Amir's joy.
  • Soviets leave Afghanistan

    The Soviets left Afghanistan,"after peace talks moderated by the United Nations."(New York Times 1)
  • Taliban's beginning

    (in the 1990s)The Taliban started as a, "student movement"(New York Times 2), and has now become a military force.
  • Taliban's growth

    The leader of the Taliban,"Mullah Omar had nearly 12000 follower"(New York Times 2) by the end or 1994.
  • Taliban recieves weapons

    The Tailban was recieving weapons from," Pakistani intelligence officers"(New York Times 3). They also recieved money.
  • Bin Laden and the Taliban

    The Taliban helped Bin Laden after he 9/11 by, "[providing] a haven for Mr. bin Laden."(New York Times 3)
  • Taliban takes control of Afghanistan

    The Taliban had, " seized control [of Afghanistan] in 1996 after years of civil war."(New York Times 1)
  • Sohrab cuts himself

    Sohrab was told by Amir that he needed to go to an orphanage and that made him snap. He cuts himself and when Amir found him he started to, "[scream] until he thought his throat would rip and his chest would explode."(343). Amir cares for Sohrab like he was his son. When a "father" witnesses his son bleeding on the ground he would go crazy. Amir loved Sohrab and doesnt want anything to happen to him.
  • Amir and Sohrab arrive in America and meet Soraya.

    When Amir sees Soraya they hug and Amir says,"You're still the morning sun to my yelda"(357). This event interested me because Amir always thought of Soraya as the love of his life. Even after the time they have spent away from each other Amir's love for her has not withered.
  • 9/11

    The Al Qaeda, "led an invasion"(New York Times 1) in New york. They flew planes into the twin towers and destoryed it. Many people lost their lives.
  • America goes to Afghanistan

    After 9/11, " The United States has been militarily involved in Afghanistan."(New York Times 1)
  • A new leader in Afghanistan

    A new leader was chosen by the name of, "Hamid Karzai, a supporter and relative of Mohammad Zahir Shah, the exiled former king of Afghanistan."(New York Times 3) He hoped for a peaceful future for Afghanistan.
  • Amir remembers the past

    Amir is standing on the,"edge of Golden Gate Park"(1) as he thinks back to the day that changed him forever. Amir remembers the details that happened that day clearly.