Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

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  • Khan begins to have power

    Khan begins to have power
    Khan becomes the new king because he overthrows Mohammed Zahir Shah in a military coup. As he is in power, Khan removes the monarchy and names himself president. Also his regime, the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan has power now. image:
  • Kite Contest

    Kite Contest
    In the winter of 1975, Baba takes Amir and Hassan to buy kites for a kite flying contest. At the end of the contest, Hassan is victorious. Later, a kite is flying loose so he goes and retrieves it. As he retrieves the kite, Assef and two other boys surround Hassan, and ask them for the kite. Hassan says no and is harassed. Amir just stands from the distance and watches.
  • Ali and Hassan leave

    Amir wants to praise Baba, and he tries to do that by framing Hassan. Ali notices that Amir has being oppressing Hassan, so he decides to leave with Hassan.
  • Amir turns 13

    Amir turns thirteen years old, so Baba throws a huge party. He receives many gifts most of which he does not appreciate, except for a leather-bound notebook gifted to him by Rahim Khan.
  • Khan’s new constitution

    Khan proposes a new constitution that gives women rights to work to modernize the communist states. He also gets his opponents forcing them out of the government.
  • Nur Mohammad Taraki becomes president

    Khan is killed in a communist group, so an Afghan Communist Party finding members,Nur Mohammad Taraki,becomes president. Tarakai signs a friendly treated between Afghanistan and the Sovient Union. Although later there was a rivalry between another communist leader, which leads to the Soviet-backed government.
  • Moving to America

    Baba and Amir leave Afighstan and make their way to Fremont, California. When being smuggled out of Afghanistan, Baba and Amir are met with tribulations. Although, they do make it into America. They both start fresh with a new life at a different country.
  • Baba is diagnosed with Cancer & Amir gets Married

    Baba is diagnosed with Cancer & Amir gets Married
    Doctors reveal that Baba has cancer, so Amir wastes no time to ask Baba and General Taheri, if he can marry his daughter. They ended up getting married.
  • Baba dies

    Baba dies a month after Amir's wedding. Amir grieves for the loss of his father, and Rahim Khan and Hassan finds out.
  • Finding the Truth

    Amir meets with Rahim Khan in Pakistan, where he finds out that Hassan is his half-brother and that he died, leaving behind a son, Sohrab.
  • Rescuing the half brother's son

    Amir goes to Kabul to rescue Sohrab, which makes him confront Assef. Sohrab, afraid that he will have to go back to an orphanage, tries to kill himself. Finally, Amir takes Sohrab back to America with him.
  • Sohrab tries to kill himself

    Amir wakes up in a hospital after he is severely beaten when rescuing Sohrab. Sohrab is afraid that he must stay at an orphanage again. As Amir goes to tell Sohrab that he is bringing Sohrab to America, Amir finds him in the bathtub filled with bloody water and slit wrists.
  • Sohrab first kite

    It's been almost a year since Sohrab has moved to America. He still hasn't interacted with other people. For this reason, Amir takes Sohrab to a Kite Contest, that's when he first smiles.
  • September 11

    September 11
    Terrorists attacked the United States by hijacking four airplanes. Two of planes were flew into two skyscrapers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Another plane destroyed part of the Pentagon, and the last plane crashed in Pennsylvania. This killed thousands of people. It was believed that the Saudi exile is hiding in Afghanistan, which the prime suspect in the attack.
  • A New President

    A New President
    After two rounds of voting, and claims of election fraud and a power-sharing agreement, Ashraf Ghani becomes president of Afghanistan. In December, NATO ends their combat mission.