Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

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  • Amir is born and His mother dies During Childbirth

    Amir describes his birth year by saying that Hassan was born, "one year after [his] mother died giving birth to [him]" (6) His mother could have changed the entire course of the story, but she had died during Amir's birth. Amir growing up without a mother was a huge part of his character.
  • Hassan was born

    Hassan was born in the small shed and lived in and "[his mother] ran off with a clan of traveling singers and dancers." (6) Amir syas that many people believe this is worse than dying and thinks that Hassan is ashamed of it. Everyone knew about this and I believe that it made Hassan feel horrible about himself.
  • Baba built and payed for an orphanage

    Amir said, "Baba had drawn the blueprints himslef despite the fact that he'd had no architectural experience at all." (13) Baba ignored everyone who said he couldn't becuase of his want to help others. He was very generous with his time.
  • Hassan's Celft Lip is fixed

    Amir recalls, "Baba, Rahim Khan, Ali, and [him] had huddled around Hassan's bed, watched him examine his new lip in a handheld mirror." (219)This was a big moment for Hassan because he was about to look like an entire new person. I believe, though, that because of this people would not pay attention to his lip, but now his background.
  • Hassans Rape

    Amir witnesses Hassan's rape and ran becuase he "was afraid of what Assef and what he would do to [him]." (77) He ends up feeling guilty throughout the whole becuase he realized after this what a horrible frined he had been. Instead of stopping it, he ran and he felt that he could never atone for what he had done.
  • Amir Wins the Kite Running Competition

    Amir really wnated to win the competition, so Hassan helped saying, "I'm going to run that blue kite for you." (71) This showed how loyal Hassan was and how he would do anything for Amir. Hassan was so loyal that he did not abandon him when Amir did him wrong.
  • Amir turns 13

    Amir had a huge party to celebrate and it was big that when, "scanning over the invitation list a week before [his] party [he] did not recognize at least three quarters of the fourhundred." (99) It was a huge celebration and he was very grateful for it. The reason why the party was so big was because of Baba's huge influence.
  • Soviet Union Came Into Kabul

    While "Moscow insisted that the troops came in respone to a plea for help," (2) it is believed that they came to take over Kabul and claim it as their own.
  • Period: to

    Soviet Troops Occupied Kabul

    The Soviet troops occupied Kabul "for more than nine years, fighitng a conflict that cost them roughly 15,00 lives and undisclosed billions of rubles." (2)
  • Amir Graduated High School in America

    Amir had graduated "at the age of twenty, by far the oldest senior." (138) He had shown that he could be successful in America and how he can adapt easily to his surroundings. This was huge accomplishment and Baba was very proud of him at this moment.
  • Baba is Diagnosed with Cancer

    Baba is diagnosed with "Oat Cell Carcinoma[,] Advamced[,and] Inoperable." Even though Baba knew that he was going to die, he wanted no pity. I believe that becuase he had had so much power in Afghanistan, he did not want to lose any more by feeling like others were feeling sorry for him. Baba could not take going that low.
  • Amir gets Married

    Amir say, "for all the frenzied preparations that went went into the wedding night... [he] remember[ed] only a handful of moments from it." (179) Amir is really in love with his wife and cherishes every moment they spend together. They had an amazing wedding becuzase of this.
  • Soviet Troops Left Afghanistan

    After a very long time, "the last Soviet troops left Afghanistan." (2)
  • Sohrab is Born

    Sohrab was born, "a gifted little boy." (233) He changed the way the book went becuase Amir had finally found his way to atone for the sins he had commited. Thorugh Sohrab he would atone to Hassan and take care of ihs child.
  • Funding for the Taliban Takeover Begins

    The Taliban began "funneling arms, money, and supplies," (3) to help assist them overthrow the government.
  • Mullah Omar had Gained many followers

    Mullah Omar had received "nearly 12,000 followers and was rolling up the warords to the north and east."
  • The Taliban Had Taken Control of Afghanistan

    They had taken control, "imposing strict enforcement of fundamentalist Islamic law."
  • Amir Decides to go Back to Pakistan to VIsit the Dying Rahim Khan

    Amir says, "one day last summer,my friend Rahim Khan called from Pakistan." Feeling guilty for the last time they saw each other and how he had completely abandoned his old life without even trying to atone, Amir agrees to go back to see Rahim and try to revisit his dark past. His decision to go back was hard yet brave one because it had been so long since the last time he had tried to even think about the life he had left behind.
  • Sohrab Attemps Suicide

    Sohrab had attempted suicide and "was under twenty-four-hours-a-day watch." (351) He had not wante to go back to his old life. Sohrab must have felt really helpless if he had turned to this at such a young age.
  • Al Queda Attacks World Trade Center

    In 2001, Al Queda had attacked the World Trade Center after "the group had been given a safe haven in the country by Taliban." (1)
  • Hassan learns that Hassan has Died

    Amir is so devastated when he finds out that Hassan has died that he "struggled to find the right words." He cannot handle any of the information being given to him tha he is literally at a loss for words. Amir realizes how much he has missed while in America.
  • Taliban Was Drawn Out of Afghanistan

    By the end of 2001, the Taliban was driven out of "major Afghan cities."
  • Amir Takes Sohrab Kite Running

    Earlier Amir says that "Sohrab was silent, the world was not." When Amir took Sohrab kite running, he saw him smile for the first time in a while. This gave Amir hope that Sohrab would be okay and that he would go back to normal.
  • Hamid Karzai Becomes Interim President

    Hamid Karzai took the the office saying "he hoped to secure peace for Afghanistan and win the country much-needed international aid." (3)
  • Hamid Karzai was Elected President

    After MR. Karzai said that he would help there bbe peace in Afghanistan, he "was elected to a five-year term as president in 2004."