Kite Runner & The History of Afghanistan

  • Afghanistan Takes It's Steps Towards Becoming Modern

    Afghanistan Takes It's Steps Towards Becoming Modern
    From 1975 to 1977, Khan, the new king of Afghanistan, "proposes a new constitution that grants women's rights and works to modernize the largely communist state. He also cracks down on opponents, forcing many suspected of not supporting Khan out the government"(News Desk 15).
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    Kite Runner & The History of Afghanistan

  • Amir Starts to Avoid His Ally!

    Amir Starts to Avoid His Ally!
    After experiencing Hassan getting raped and he leaves him, the memory keeps coming back to Amir's mind, and he starts to avoid Hassan more and more, such as when he "didn't speak to Hassan until the middle of the next week... Hassan asked [Amir] if [he] wanted to hike up the hill. [Amir] said [he] was tired"(86). This quote is important to me because it highlights a turning point in Amir and Hassan's relationship. Their relationship used to be good, but Amir now treats Hassan like his enemy.
  • Amir and Baba Arrive In America!

    Amir and Baba Arrive In America!
    When Russians invading Afghanistan drives them out, Amir and Baba make the journey towards settling in America, in which Baba has trouble adapting to the new country, but Amir describes America as "different. America was a river, roaring along, unmindful of the past... If nothing else, for that, I embraced America"(136). Overall, this shows 2 different views on a new life chapter. While Baba dislikes how the country works, Amir likes that life is able to go on with less concern for the past.
  • As the Battles Progress, Some Grasp Land, While Others Flee From It

    In 1982, during the battles raging in Afghanistan due to crisis occurring in the past years (such as a power struggle starting in 1979 between Deputy Prime Minister Hafizullah Amin and Nur Mohammad Taraki), "Some 2.8 million Afghans have fled from the war to Pakistan, and another 1.5 million have fled to Iran. Afghan guerrillas gain control of rural areas, and Soviet troops hold urban areas"(News Desk 21).
  • Double Events Happening in 1984!

    Double Events Happening in 1984!
    In the year 1984, Saudi Islamist Osama bin Laden claimed that he went to Afghanistan at once after the Soviet Invasion, but he instead made "his first documented trip to Afghanistan to aid anti-Soviet fighters. The United Nations investigates reported human rights violations in Afghanistan"(News Desk 22-23).
  • Amir and Soraya Are Getting Married!

    Amir and Soraya Are Getting Married!
    After getting to know each other more through interactions, Baba and General Sahib finally agree to let the two characters marry, and even after Soraya revealed one of her darkest secrets in her past, Amir still said, "No, Soraya. Not even close... Nothing you said changes anything. I want us to marry", and she joyfully cried after that (165). Overall, this reveals that they have a good bond with each other. It illustrates a relationship that is blooming more, and Amir gets a new ally with him.
  • Baba Departs From The Living!

    A month after Amir's wedding, Baba dies from illness, and later, during his funeral, Amir thinks to himself, "Now he was gone. Baba couldn't show me the way anymore; I'd have to find it on my own. The thought of it terrified me"(174). This quote shows how Amir is now thinking of how he has to walk on the road of life all by himself now that Baba is gone, and how he is scared of it. It highlights that now he has more freedom and power over his life, but he is terrified of how it will turn out.
  • Amir Begins His Career As A Writer!

    Amir Begins His Career As A Writer!
    Amir remembers how he had begun one of his major careers in his life, which was him "finishing [his] first novel, a father-son story set in Kabul, written mostly with the typewriter the general had given me"(182). This piece of evidence is interesting because it showcases Amir's hard work in English and the "practice" stories he wrote as a child finally paying off. Amir now has achieved his goal of writing a story to share with other people, and he was able to continue with this interest.
  • Drought Turns Civilians Into Refugees!

    During the timespan of these years, a drought shatters farmers and farming land becomes less sustainable, resulting with over "1 million Afghans [fleeing] to neighboring Pakistan, where they languish in squalid refugee camps"(News Desk 29).
  • The Destruction of the Taliban Continues....

    The Destruction of the Taliban Continues....
    As the years move into the twentieth century, despite the protests coming internationally, "the Taliban carry out their threat to destroy Buddhist statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, saying they are an affront to Islam"(News Desk 34).
  • Amir Returns to Pakistan!

    After getting a call informing Amir that Rahim Khan is very ill, Amir returns to his homeland in Pakistan, where the views made him recall that "Hassan and [him] used to buy chutney-dipped potatoes and cherry water"(195). This piece of evidence is important because it illustrates Amir being reminded more of what Kabul was like back then, and it makes him remember his happy childhood memories. He starts to recall more further about his past than he did before, and pieces it all together.
  • Amir Decides to Find Hassan's Son!

    After given the offer to find Hassan's son, Sohrab, and bring him back, Amir reminisces about what Rahim Khan said earlier, "There is a way to be good again... A way to end the cycle. With a little boy. An orphan. Hassan's son. Somewhere in Kabul"(226-227). This quote is significant because it highlights a way for Amir to finally atone for the sins he has caused towards Hassan in the past. This is also another turning point for him, in which he can release himself from the burden placed on him.
  • Amir and Assef Meet Again!

    Amir eventually runs into a man called the Talib, who has Sohrab, but then the Talib asks, "Whatever happened to old Babalu, anyway... But [the Talib] was already here, in the flesh, sitting less that ten feet from [Amir], after all these years. [The Talib's] name escaped [Amir's] lips:"Assef.""(281). This is showing a big plot twist when Amir runs into a past figure that caused harm for him. Amir hasn't really seen people in his past besides Rahim Khan, so seeing Assef is a shocking event.
  • Amir Decides to Adopt Sohrab!

    While staying in a hotel along the foot of the Margalla Hills, Amir asks Sohrab a very important question, in which he asks him by the Shah Faisal Mosque, "Would you like to come live in America with me and my wife?"(320). This quote is important because it exhibits a huge change in both Sohrab and Amir's lives. The change is that Sohrab is able to get a new home and a new family for himself, while Amir and Soraya are both able to get the child they could not acquire on their own.
  • Amir and Sohrab Arrive Back to America!

    After Sohrab recovers from his suicide injuries and finally trusts Amir a little bit more, the two of them head back to America, where Amir observes Soraya "smiling at Sohrab, her eyes tearing over a little, [Amir] had a glimpse of the mother [Soraya] might have been, had her own womb not betrayed her. Sohrab shifted on his feet and looked away"(358). This is highlighting a new bond that is forming between the three of them, a family bond. They're starting to become a family together, overall.