Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

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  • Introducting Assef

    After Amir and Hassan look for their kite, they come across Assef. he and his friends start bullying Hassan, and Amir doesn't do anything to stop it. Assef and his friends took Hassan to an alley in which this occured. "Assef knelt behind Hassan, put his hands on Hassan's hips, and lifted his bare buttocks." (Hosseini 75) This changed both Amir's and Hassan's life forever. This major event foreshadows for further events in the story,
  • Amir and Hassan win the kite race

    Amir and Hassan win the kite race after much waiting. Both were really excited, for this was their first accomplishment together. Hassan shouts, "You won, Amir agha, you won!" (Hosseini 66) This makes a new story one can tell later to their children. Also, it's significant due to the actual accomplishment made.
  • Hassan and Ali leave

    Amir's main goal was to drive Hassan and Ali out of their home after the Assef incident. As Hassan and Ali leave, Baba says, "I forbid you to do this!" (Hosseini 107) Baba recognizes his and Amir's needs for Ali and Hassan. It shows that Baba is very close with both of them.
  • Soviets Invade Afghanistan

    On December 27, 1979 , the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. The article claims, " The first Soviet troops parachuted into Kabul on Dec. 27, 1979..." (2).
  • Amir and Baba move to America

    Later after Hassan and Ali left, Baba and Amir move to America. Amir describes it as, "The rest of that ride is scattered bits and pieces of memory that go and come, most of it sounds and smell..." (Hosseini 123) Transitioning to America was a huge step in their lives. They were officially free from war.
  • Settling in America

    Amir and Baba live a simple life as gas station workers in Fremont, CA. Amir describes Baba's idea about America with, "Baba loved the idea of America. It wasliving in America gave him an ulcer." (Hosseini 125) From this, we know Baba loved and hated America. This shows that Baba had an easier life in Kabul, and has trouble adjusting to his new one.
  • Graduating High School

    Amir finally graduates high school. He describes it as, "... I graduated from high school at the age of 20, by far the oldest senior..." (Hosseini 131) Amir graduating high school means he can progress with his life even more. Pursuing college can get him a stable job and/ or family.
  • Flea Market Encounters

    Amir and Baba start to participate in a weekly flea market with other Afghan familes. Amir takes interest in one of these families, the Taheri's. Amir said, "It came to me on our way home... Taheri..." (Hosseini 141) Amir noticing this certain family ends on a positive note. Amir and Baba will make their first official friends in America.
  • Baba And Cancer

    After being sick for a while, Baba gets diagnosed with cancer. When Baba was just "sick" before, Amir describes it as, "It started off with a hacking cough and the sniffles... I caught him coughing a wad of blood..." (Hosseini 154) Baba being diagnosed with cancer has lots of significance. It's significant due to the fact that a main character is being killed off in the book.
  • The Night with the Taheri's

    After Amir knows his dad has cancer, he wants to get married as soon as possible because Amir knows time is in the essence. Already having a deep relationship with General Taheri's Daughter, he decides to propese to her. The General states, "Amir jan, as for you, I welcome the son of a man such as yourself into our family..." (Hosseini 168) After the proposal, Amir is graciously welcomed to a new family. Amir has started a new part of his life.
  • Baba's Death

    Cancer gets to Baba soon after the wedding, ending his life. Obviously devastated, Amir talks about what happened after Baba's death. He said, "Shortly after Baba's death, Soraya and I moved into a one-bedroom apartment in Fremont." (Hosseini 180) This demonstrates that people are able to get over a main character's death. Moving on is key in these types of situations.
  • Amir goes to college

    Amir gets accepted to San Jose State shortly after he gets married. He says, "I got my acceptance at San Jose State that summer and declared an English Major." (Hosseini 181) Always illustrating that he's a good writer, Amir wanted to follow his dreams to become one. Declaring his major sets him up for a bette life.
  • Babies

    Amir and Soraya try for a baby, but can't have one. Amir is quite paranoid with this and discusses it as, "..."I'd feel it rising from Soyraya and settling between us... Like a newborn child." (Hosseini 189) Amir and Soraya really want a baby, but simply can't. It's to final piece to complete their adulthood.
  • The look for Hassan

    After a long talk with Rahim Khan, Amir starts too look for Hassan. While looking, he says the real reason why he was looking for him which was, "There were a lot of reasons why I went to Hazarajat to find Hassan... The biggest one, Allah forgive me." (Hosseini 203)
    Amir want to redeem himself for his past mistakes. Doing so will answer his problems.
  • Soviets Leave Afghanistan

    During February of 1989, Soviet troops finally withdraw from Afghanistan and go home. The article says, "... the last Soviet troops left Afghanistan..." (2).
  • Post-War Actions

    After 5 years of rebuilding a civilization, power was broken up between power hungry leaders. The article states, "... power was anarchically divided among competing warlords and individual fiefdoms." (2)
  • One Rises to Power

    Mullah Omar rose up to power after the Taliban transitioned from a student group to a even bigger group. The article says, "By the end oof 1994 Mullah Omar had nearly 12,000 followers..." (2)
  • Taliban takes over

    In 1996, the Taliban takes over Afghanistan. Citing from the NYT article, "... the Taliban by 1996 had taken control of Afghanistan..." (3).
  • Bin Laden is Introduced

    After Bin Laden founded al-Queda, he was sent away somewhere for safekeeping. "... Taliban also provided a haven for Mr. bin Laden..." (3).
  • Amir goes back to Pakitstan

    After Amir hears from his old friend that he is very sick, he goes to Pakistan. Amir says, "Rahim Khan is very sick... A fist clenched inside me with those words..." (Hosseini 191) With much regret from his past childhood, Amir decides to go back to the very place he committed all his sins. Amir is about to face his childhood again.
  • World Trade Center Attacked

    On Sept. 11, 2001, the NY World Trade Center is bombed by al-Qaeda. The article quotes, "After the attack on the World Trade Center in NY..." (3).
  • The Taliban still lives on

    Depite being defeated, the Taliban still fought in their war. "... the Taliban continued to wage guerilla warefare..." (3)
  • Amir and Soraya adopt Hassan's child

    After much conflict, Amir makes an executive decision to take Hassan's child to Amir's own home. He says, Would you like you come live in America with me and my wife?" (Hosseini 320) This allows him to forgive Hassan in the best way possible. All in all, Amir redeems himself.
  • Mr. Karzai takes Office

    Mr. Karzai planned to neutalize the Taliban while he was in office. He failed short after. "... he hoped to secure peace for Afghanistan..." (3)
  • Obama's Actions

    In order to stop the war, Obama made actions. "... announced his plan to deploy 30,000 additional troops..." (4)