Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

  • Baba and his Orphanage

    Even as nobody believed Baba was strong enough to be successful, he proved everyone wrond by, " ... when I was five or six, Baba decided to build an orphanage. I heard the story through Rahim Khan. He told me Baba had drawn the blueprintss himself despite the fact that he's had no architectural experience at all." (13) Even though no one belived in Baba, he was still able to be successful and fulfill his goal. No one was there to support him, but he was still able to do want he had in mind.
  • Sanaubar Leaving

    After Sanaubar left, they thought, " No one had seen Sanaubar since she had eloped with a band of singers and dancers in 1964." (210) After all those years, Sanaubar came back to see his son. This shows that she felt in debt for not staying with him as a child, so she came back becasue of her morals, which shape how her actions differ from others.
  • New King

    When they figured out the shootings weren't from duck hunting, " Kabul awoke the next morning to find that the monarchy was a thing of the past. The king, Zahir Shah, was away in Italy. In his absence, his cousin Dauod Khan had ended the king's forty-year reign with a bloodless coup." (36) Here, it shows that Amir's econoy is changing. With new kings, there are new rules and consequences. A lot is changing and there will probably be changes with Amir's surroundings.
  • Trick on Hassan

    When Amir played a trick on Hassan, he thought, " I pretended I was reading from the book, flipping pages regularly, but I had abandoned the text altogether, taken over the story and made up my own." Hassan ended up saying it was the best story he has read, whch brought some shock to Amir. Amir has never thought of being a great writer, until this "trick" that he has acted upon. Amir was quite shocked to hear that Hassan thought it was the best story he has heard.
  • Hassan's Birthday

    As Amir and Hassan, were playing around on Hassan's birthday, Amir thought, " Baba never missed Hassan's birthday. For a while, he used to ask Hassan what he wanted, but he gave up doing that because Hassan was always too modest to actually suggest a present." (44) Baba treated Hassan as if Hassan was his own child. Always remembering and favoring everything about Hassan, it would seem as if Baba loved Hassan more than Amir.
  • Hassan's Last Kite Competition

    During the kite comeptition, " The spool rolled in my hands until Hassan stopped, about fifty feet away. He held the kite over his head like an Olympic athlete showing his gold medal. I jerked the swing twice, out usual signal, and Hassan tossed the kite." (62) Here, Hassan is very loyal, supporting Amir throughout the whole kite competition. Hassan is there to to help Amir through everything and his loyalty shapes what Amir thinks of Hassan.
  • Soviet's Response to Plea of Help

    After the invasion that descended into a bloody occupation, " The first Soviet troops parachuted into Kabul on Dec. 27, 1979, to asssis Babrak Karmal, who had become president in a coup within the Afghan Connunist leadership." (2)
  • America

    Still adjusting to America, " I wanted to tell them that, in Kabul, we snapped a tree branch and used it as a credit card." (128) Baba is still adjusting to America. Back where they lived, Baba was practically famous, so when Mrs. Nguyen asked for an ID, Baba was not used to it and it angered him.
  • Going to Peshawar

    As Baba and Amir are on the truck, hooping to reach Peshawar, " He apologized for the comrade's behaivor. ' Russia sends them here to fight,' he says, ' But they are just boys, and when they come here, they find the pleasure of drug.'" (116) Here, Baba's morals shape who he is and how he acts. Baba uses his morals to protect the people surrounding him.
  • Memories

    As Amir was referring back to his past, he remembered, " I thought about the last time I had seem Rahim Khan, in 1981." (196) Although Amir had moved to America, he would still think about his previous family members and friends. Amir is loyal and felt that he was indebt to Rahim Khan because of the things that Rahim Khan has done for him as a child.
  • Graduation

    After going to school, Amir had finally graduated, " He walked to me, curled his arm around my neck, and gave my brow a single kiss." (131) Baba was finally proud of Amir as soon as graduated. Baba was proud of Amir and showed some love, when they started to adjust to America.
  • Searching for an Hassan

    Although Amir had moved to America, he still thought about Hassan, " There were a lot of big reasons why went to Hazarajat to find Hassan in 1986. The biggest one, Allah forgive me, was that I was lonely." (203) Here, Amir felt that he was indebt because of what Hassan has done for him as a child, so he wants to find him and pay him back.
  • Result of Peace Talk

    Resulting from peace talks, it states that, " Eventually, after peace talks moderated bt the United Nations, the last Soviet troops left Afghanistan in February 1989, in what was in effect a unilateral withdrawal." (2)
  • Novel

    After living in America for a while, Amir got his book published, " The novel was released in the summer of that following year, 1989, the publisher sent me on a five-city book tour." (183) Amir has achieved something after he moved to America. Amir has worked hard for what he wanted, and lie Baba, he achieved his goal, even though he was put down as a child.
  • Baby Problems

    After marrying Soraya, they realized they could have a baby, " Soraya broke down the news to her parents the weekend after our last visit with Dr. Rosen." (186) Soraya is upset that she can't have a baby, but still, she manages to get through it. She is tired, and her father doesn't want to go to the choice of adoption.
  • Osama and Al Quaeda Arriving to Jalalabad

    Because Osama bin Laden was so improtant to the Talibans, " The Taliban also provided a haven for Mr. bin Laden, who arrived by chartered jet at Jalalabad Airport in May 1996, and for Al Quaeda." (3)
  • End of the Talibans

    As Hassan was going through all his problems, " I told you how we all celbrated in 1996 when the Taliban rolled in and put and to the daily fighting." (213) Everyone was glad that the war was over and that the Talibans had put an end to everything. Poeple believed it was wrong (values), and they celebrated with joy.
  • Announcement

    After Rahim Khan calls Amir, he tells Soraya the news, " 'I have to go to Pakistan.' She stood up now. ' Pakistan?' ' Rahim Khan is very sick.'" (191) This shows that Amir puts his family and friends before hhimself. Amir is very loyal to Rahim Khan because as a child, Rahim Khan was always there for him.
  • Hamid Karzai Named Chairman

    After becoming a supporter and relative of Mohammad Zahir Shah, a former king of Afghanistan, " In December 2001, Hamd Karzai, a supporter and relative of Mohammad Zahir Shah, the exile former king of Afghanistan, was named chairman of an interim government that replaced the defeated Taliban, making him the leader of the country." (3)
  • Hamid Karzai as Interim President

    After veing elected as president, Hamid Karzai, hoped tosecure piece for their land," He took office as interim persident in June 2002, saying he hoped to secure peace for Afghanistan and win the country much-needed international aid." (3)
  • Petraeus Taking Charge of Military Operations

    Because General Petraeus had recieved credit for the success of the surge, he was nominated to take charge of military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, " General Petraeus, the Iraq commander who recieved much of the credit for the success of the surge there, had taken charge of United Srtates Central Command in October 2008, with responsibility for military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and across the region." (4)
  • Obama's Speech

    Wanting to have a more successful troop, Obama decides to make a speech about adding 30,000 additional troops, " In a speech delivered Dec. 1, 2009, at West Point, Mr. Obama announed his plan to deploy 30,000 deploy 30,000 additional troops." (4)
  • Obama Removing General Stanley A. McChrystal

    After Obama heard contemptuous quotes from Gen. McChrystal, he removed him from the office, " In June 2011, President Obama removed Gen. McChrystal after contemptoous quoted from the general and his staff about seinor administration officials appeared in an article in Rolling Stone magazine. Mr. Obama tapped Gen. Petraeus to lead the war effort there." (4)
  • Enforcing Forces

    Almost reaching their deadline, Obama administration emphasized the idea of having U.S. forces in the country, " Yet in a move away from that July 2011 deadline, the Obama administration changed its tone to increasingly emphasize the idea that the United States will have forces in the country until at least the end of 2014." (4)
  • 9/11 Invasion

    When Osama attacked the World Trade Center, President George W. Bush wanted him to be handed over, " After the attack on the World Trade Center in New York on Sept. 11, 2011, President George W. Bush gave the Taliban an ultimatum to hand over Mr. bin Laden." (3)