Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

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  • The Kite Running Contest

    The Kite Running Contest
    During the winter, Hassan and Amir decide to participate in the kite running contest in Afghanistan. After much time of preparing and competing, they win the event and "was the single greatest moment of [Amir's] twelve years of life, seeing Baba on that roof, proud of [him] at last" (66). However, Hassan then encounters Assef when attempting to bring the blue kite to Amir.
  • Ali and Hassan leave Baba

    Ali and Hassan decide to leave and no longer work for Baba after Amir accuses Hassan of stealing a watch, which he did not do. Hassan takes the blame, but shortly after him and Ali leave because "'life here is impossible for them now...'" (106).
  • Women's Rights in Afghanistan

    In a span of three years, "Khan proposes a new constitution that grants women rights and works to modernize the largely communist state." Khan also "cracks down on opponents, forcing many suspected of not supporting [him] out of the government."
  • Tanks appear in Amir and Hassan's streets

    Amir remembers the time in December when "Russian tanks would roll into the very same streets where Hassan and [he] played, bringing the death of the Afghanistan [he] knew and marking the start of a still ongoing era of bloodlettering (Hosseini 36). This shows the moment when conflict began to arise in their area. It also demonstrates how one event can damage something for a long period of time.
  • Afghanistan is Invaded

    On December 24, the USSR invaded Afghanistan in order to strengthen the faltering communist regime. Then, on Dec. 27, politician Amin and many of his followers were executed. In 1980, the invaders and the USSR united.
  • Amir and Baba Move to America

    During March of this year, Amir and Baba leave Afghanistan in a truck along with other refugees. In America, Baba tells Amir that he "'didn't bring [them] here for [him], did [he]?'" (130). This demonstrates how although they might not have a very strong relationship with each other in the beginning, Baba strongly cares for Amir and wants him to succeed.
  • Afghans flee

    At this time, some Afghans left the war to Pakistan, while others traveled to Iran. Rural and urban areas began to be controlled by areas Afghan guerrillas and Soviet troops.
  • Amir graduates

    Amir graduates
    In the summer of 1983, Amir graduated high school as the oldest senior at 20 years old. At graduation, Baba told Amir how he is "'moftakhir...' his eyes gleamed when he said that and [Amir] liked being on the receiving end of that look" (Hosseini 131). This demonstrates a key moment when Amir bonded with Baba, and Baba admired him.
  • Baba Breaks Store Items

    In 1983, Amir was in a bookstore while Baba enters a grocery store. After hearing loud noises, Amir heads to the store to find out that Baba had overturned a magazine rack and broken items. Amir apologized to the store owners, saying sorry and telling "them
    [his] father was going through a difficult time" (Hosseini 128). This event shows how their new living location has affected Amir and Baba's mood, as well as their personalities towards others.
  • Osama bin Laden travels to Afghanistan

    Osama bin Laden, a Saudi Islamist, traveled to Afghanistan in order "to aid anti-Soviet fighters." However, he said that he traveled right after the Soviet invasion.
  • Baba dies

    Shortly after Amir and Soraya get married, Baba decides to not take his medicine and tells Soraya that "'there is no pain tonight'" (173). Due to this decision, Baba passes away in his sleep. A funeral is hosted for him later on, honoring everything he did for others.
  • Amir writes his first novel

    Amir writes his first novel
    During the summer of 1988, Amir writes his first novel. Amir's novel tells a story of a father and his son in Kabul. Amir "sent query letters to a dozen agencies was stunned one August day when [he] opened [his] mailbox and found a request from a New Yprk agency for the completed manuscript..." (182). Amir's perseverance demonstrates how much work he put into his novel. A year later, the book was released.
  • Sohrab is born

    After Hassan And Farzana's first child passes away from stillbirth, Farzana becomes pregnant again and gives birth to their son. They decided to name him Sohrab "after Hassan's favorite hero from the Shahnamah" (211).
  • World Trade Center Attack

    World Trade Center Attack
    On September 11th, "Hijackers commandeer four commercial airplanes and crash them into the World Trade Center Towers in New York, the Pentagon outside Washington, D.C., and a Pennsylvania field, killing thousands." Officials then stated that Bin Laden was behind the attack, who was hiding in Afghanistan.
  • Amir and Sohrab Fly a Kite Together

    Amir and Sohrab Fly a Kite Together
    On a day in March, Amir and Sohrab join and fly a kite together, allowing Amir to feel "suddenly... twelve again and all the old instincts came rushing back" (368). At this moment, Sohrab smiles for the first time, which illustrates the first time he expresses a strong emotion towards Amir.
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    Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan