Kite Runner & The History of Afghanistan

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  • Hassan has surgery to fix his cleft lip

    Hassan is excited about his birthday and when he gets home all he sees' is his father but, no gifts. Hassan looks at Baba,"I have summoned Dr.Kumar from New Delhi. Dr.Kumar is a plastic surgeon," (45) who was there to change Hassan's life. Hassan was frozen, starstruck, lost his lip would be normal, he would fit in.
  • Amir and Hassan win the kite flying contest

    Amir and Hassan dream of this day, they can not think of anything besides their kite. Amir had a dream and in that dream, Hassan is running away, Amir thinks he will lose him. Hassan then says," for you a thousand times over," (67) meaning that he will stand by him no matter what. amir and Hassan are inseparable, and they work very well together.
  • Hassan is raped while Amir watches

    There is a lot of tension between the Hazaras and the Pashtuns, they can not find a way for the two social groups to make friends. Amir cannot handle watching and knowing what is happening,"I turned away from the alley. In the end, I ran." (77) It was troubling to see what was happening to Hassan and not being able to do what is right and stop Assef.
  • Hassan follows through with the surgery

    Hassan was hesitant to go through with the surgery but is happy when he does.Hassan finally began to smile normally, when they took the bandages off,"everyone saw a grotesque mesh or swollen, raw tissue."(46) That was only the beginning of the healing​ of Hassan and his lip.
  • The Soviet Union Invaded

    Afghanistan is a central military struggle for the United States. American forces tried to help them with their corrupt and weak government in this time of crisis," Afghanistan was known to have little peace."
  • The first Soviet troops in Kabul

    The first Soviet troops parachuted into Kabul to help assist Babrak Karmal. Moscow wanted,"troops to respond to a plea for help from a legitimately constituted Karmal Government."
  • Russians invade Afghanistan then Baba and Amir leave

    Baba and Amir decide to travel to America, they end up in a gas tank full of people. The first migration was tough but, that was only the first step,"we're in Pakistan, Amir. Karim says he will call a bus to take us to Peshawar," (123) to get them closer to the final destination. They will have a hard time getting through all the stops they​ will have to get through to make it to America and have dreams come true.
  • Baba and Amir arrive in San Francisco

    Baba and Amir spent a lot of time executing there plan to get to America. When they made it to Fremont, where their apartment was they were joyed," the two of us walking through Lake Elizabeth Park. Watching the boys at batting practice, little girls giggling."(125) Seeing all of the happiness enlightened Baba and brought a surprise for him to see every time​ he walked through the park.
  • Amir Graduates high school at age of 20

    Baba wanted Amir to have a good education when they arrived in Fremont Amir was enrolled in high school. He was the oldest in his class,"I remember losing Baba in the swarm of families, flashing cameras, and blue gowns." (131) It was a milestone in Amir's life, being able to say that he received a high school diploma​ means a lot to his family.
  • Baba and Amir start to sell objects at the flea market

    Baba and Amir wanted to make some money a few summers after they arrived in Fremont. They worked as a tag team and,"checked the local papers circled the garage sale ads." Then went from,"Fremont, Union City, Newark, and Hayward first, then San Jose, Milpitas, Sunnyvale, and Campbell if permitted."(137) Then the next morning head out to the flea market to sell all of the ​there knickknacks.
  • Ali is killed in a land mine

    People ask and wondered where Ali had been for all this time. amir says that," his twisted polio leg had finally betrayed him and stepped on that mine."(206) Everyone wondered if that is what really happened but they all know in the back of there heads that it could have possiblly happened.
  • Amir and Soraya get married

    Amir is only 22 years old and Baba is very sick but before he did Soraya asked for his blessing on there thought of marriage. Amir and Soraya were ready," we said our oaths. we signed the certificates."(170) They were a very happy couple and could not find something to fight about.
  • Baba is diagnosed with cancer

    Amir notices Baba having a cough he could not get rid of, then coughing up phlegm with blood into the toilet which concerned Amir. Baba was tired and was giving up," but no chemo medication for me," (156) Amir was not ready for him to. Amir tried to stop Baba but Baba said,"don't you challenge me in public, amir. Ever. Who do you think you are?"(156) Amir knew what the outcome would be and now he would just have to accept that Baba was going to pass.
  • Amir publishes his first novel

    Since Amir graduated from high school he loved to write, he always wanted to write a novel. Just a few months before the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan,"I finished my first novel, a father-son story set in Kabul."(182) He wrote to many agencies looking for someone to help him publish, he finally got a call from received a call from Martin Greenwalt.
  • Soviet troops leave Afghanistan

    When the Soviet Union left Afghanistan," was not only devastated by the war but had become a beacon to Islamic extremists from across the globe." They were left in one of there worst moments.
  • Pakistani intelligence

    Pakistan intelligence," began fueling arms, money, and supplies to Mullah Omar's men." They did this to help them in battle.
  • The Taliban takes control of Afghanistan

    After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan they began to," impose strict enforcement of fundamental Islamic law," The Taliban also provided shelter for Bin Laden​.
  • Hassan is killed by the Taliban

    Amir had asked Hassan to watch over his old home in Kabul but Kabul is not the same as it was when Amir left, it is worse. The Taliban has taken over and once they find out that the home does not belong to Hassan," they took him out to the streets and order him to kneel and shot him in the back of the head." (219) Amir feels the guilt of Hassan's​ death since he was the one who sent him into Taliba land.
  • The Taliban is defeated

    Even though the Taliban was defeated they continued," guerrilla warfare." After they were defeated they wanted to fight back so they focused on an invasion.
  • Sohrab almost bleeds to death in the bath tub

    Sohrab did not handle being put back into an orphanage well. He was furious, he could not handle the emotions," slid the blade in then I took my own bath, lay there until the steaming hot water turned cold and my skin shriveled up." He let his emotions get the better of him and he tried to commit suicide but was not​ very successful.
  • 9/11 attacks

    On September 11, 2001, the attacks of Al Queda cause," the United States to join forces with rebel groups that had never accepted the Taliban rule," to help fight Al Queda. After the attack on the twin towers, ​Al Queda fled to the mountains on the Pakistan border.
  • Sohrab and Amir fly a kite on New Years

    Amir saw kites in the sky on New Years while spending time with friends and family. He then decides to make one of his own and joining everyone else,"I took the kite to where Sahrab was standing."(367) Amir wanted to connect with Sohrab and tried with a kite which is what helped Amir and Hassan become closer.
  • Surge in Iraq

    President Obama wanted Afghanistan to be our main focus militarily. He then," increased the number of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan by almost 50,000." He put General David H. Petraeus in command of the Ameican forces.
  • President Obama delivers speech

    President Obama released his plan," to deploy 30,000 troops and bring home forces from Afghanistan."
  • President Obama removes General

    General McCrystal was an expert in counterinsurgency warfare. President Obama removed General Mc Crystal," after the Rolling Stones wrote contemptuous quotes," about him in​ an article.
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