Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

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  • Kite Tournament

    Amir has a flashback when he won the kite tournament. Amir states," The last time I had felt a rush like this was that day in the winter of 1975, just after I had cut the last kite, when I spotted Baba on our rooftop,clapping,beaming"(323). This shows when the kite tournament was.
  • The Beginning

    In the beginning it states when the story starts. Amir states,"I became what I am today at the age of twelve, on a frigid overcast day in the winter of 1975.” (1) This shows that this happened in 1975.
  • last summer of peace

    Hassan turns 13 when Afghanistan's falls apart,“I turned thirteen that summer of 1976, Afghanistan’s next to last summer of peace and anonymity.” (93)
  • Moving to Fremont Calfironia

    After Amir and Soraya's wedding," Amir and Soraya moved into an apartment close to her parents house in Fremont"(..)
  • 5 years in the past

    In the morning, Jalauddin,"our seventh servant in five years – would probably think we’d gone out for a stroll or a drive"(112).
  • Amir graduates from high school

    After working really hard Amir has reached the end of high school. Amir states,“That summer of 1983, I graduated from high school at the age of twenty, by far the oldest senior tossing his mortarboard on the football field that day.” (131). This shows he graduated high school and in 1983
  • Baba and Amir start to go to flea market

    Baba and Amir start to sell stuff at flea market. As Amir states, I ran the stand sometimes as Baba sauntered down the aisle.(120)." this shows they had their own stand where they sold stuff at the flea marktet
  • Baba sells his car

    Baba decides it's time to get a new car. Baba decides to buy a "dilapidated ’71 Volkswagen bus for $550 from an old Afghan acquaintance who’d been a high-school science teacher in Kabul.” (137). This shows he got a new car.
  • Baba finds out he has cancer

    Baba finds out he has," cancer Oat Cell Carcinoma"(156)
  • Amir meets Soroya

    Amir meets Soraya his soon to be wife. The General inttroudes his daughter," My daughter, Soraya Jan"(123). This shows Amir was introduced to Soraya Jan by the General.
  • Amir and Soroya get married

    Amir and Soroya get married and Baba uses a lot of money of the wedding. Baba spent about"$35,000, nearly the balance of his life savings, on the awroussi, the wedding ceremony. Baba really cared for Amir and used up a lot of his money.
  • Amir and his wife start to attempt to have a baby

    Amir and his wife start to want and baby but sadly are unsuccesful. They give up and think it is not destiny. Amir states,"maybe it wasn't meant to be." (186). This shows they lost hope.
  • Pakistani Intelligence Officers

    Pakistani intelligence officers begin doing stuff," As early as 1994, Pakistani intelligence officers began funneling arms, money and supplies to Mullah Omar's men, as well as military advisors to help guide them in battle(TNYT pg. 3)."
  • The Islamic Seize Control

    in 1996 the Islamic seized control," The group had been given safe haven in the cdoun tgry by the talivan, the extremist Islamic group that had sized control in 1996 after years of civil war(TNYT pg.1)."
  • Soviet troops

    Soviet troops parachuted into Kabuel," The first soviet troops parachuted into Kabul on Dec,27,1997,to assist Babrak Karmal,who had become president in a coup within the Afghan Communist Leadership(TNYW pg.4)."
  • Amir makes his first book

    After working hard Amir finally finshes his first book. Amir finally gets a call from a publisher. Amir states,"Six weeks later, a man named Martin Greenwalt called from New York and offered to represent me." (183). This shows that his book was published.
  • 20 years later

    Amir and Hassan start to write letters to each other. Hassan wants Amir to return someday so they can see each other. As Hassan states,"And I dream that someday you will return to Kabul to revisit the land our childhood. If you do, you will find an old faithful friend waiting for you" (218). This shows that Hassan wants to see Amir again.
  • Amir recieves call from Rahim Khan

    After the death of Amir's dad he recieves a call from Rahim Khan. During the call Amir finds out Rahim Khan is sick. When Amir recieved the call he found out,"Rahim Khan is very sick." (191). This shows that Amir recieved a call from Rahim Khan and found out he was sick.
  • Attack in World Trade Center

    After a attack," After the attack on the World Trade Center in New York on Sept, 11,2001, Pressident George W. Bush gave the Taliban an ultimatum to hand oover Mr. bin Laden( The New York Times pg. 3)
  • 2001 Invasion

    In 2001 a invasion occured,'The 2001 invasion succeded in dislodging Al Qaeda and removing the Taliban from power, but not in eradicting either group(The New York Time pp 1)
  • Hamid Karzia

    In December 2001, Hamid Karzai was honored," In December 2001,Hamid Karzia,a supporter and relative of Mohammed Zahir Shah, the exxiled former king of Afghanistan,was named chairman of an interim government that replaced the defeated Talivan, making him the leader of the country( New York Times pg.3)
  • Mr.Kazai becomes president

    Mr.Kazai become president," Mr.Karzai was elected to a five-year term as president in 2004(TNYT pg.3)."
  • Speech

    A speech was delivered by Mr.Obama," In a speech delievered Dec.1,2009,at West Point, Mr. Obama announced his plan to deploy 30,000 additional troops(TNYT pg.4)."
  • vow by Mr.Obama

    Mr.Obama vowedto bring American forces home," He vowed to start brining American forces home from Afghanistan in the middle of 2011k saying the United States could not afford and should not have to shoulder an open-ended commitment(TNYT pg.4)."
  • 2014 assumption

    2014 data based on assumptions," Adminstration officials have acknowledged that the 2014 date was based on presumption that the American military would be successful enough in fighting the Talivan that significant withdrawals would be under way by then(TNYT pg.4)."