Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

  • Birth of Hassan

    In the Kite Runner, Amir states, "It was in that small shack that Hassan's mother, Sanaubar, gave birth to him one cold winter day in 1964" (6). This quote states that Sanabuar gave birth to Hassan. This is the start to Amir and Hassan's relationship because after this event, both their mothers are gone, and they breast feed from the same woman.
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    Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

  • Baba opens Orphanage

    In The Kite Runner, Amir states, "In the late 1960's, when I was five or six, Baba decided to build an orphanage" (13). This quote shows that Baba is a very giving person. This continues throughout the whole book when he gives money to the homeless and does other kind deeds.
  • Baba sees World Cup

    In the book, Amir states, "In 1970, Baba took a break from the construction of the orphanage and flew to Tehran for a month to watch the World Cuo games on television" (20). This quote shows that Baba is very passionate about sports and it is a big prt of his life. This shows one of the many ways that Baba and Amir are different because Amir is not a huge fan of sports.
  • Amir tricks Hassan

    Amir states, "One day in July 1973, I played a little trick on Hassan, I was reading to him, and suddenly I strayed from the story" (30). This quote shows that throughout his childhood, Amir took advantage of Hassan. Amir thought he was better than Hassan just because he was wealthier and educated.
  • Hassans Birthday

    Amir states, "Early that folllowing winter of 1974, Hassan and I were playing in the yard one day, building a snow fort, when Ali called him in... Baba never missed Hassan's birthday" (44)). This quote shows that Baba really cares about Hassan and wants him to be happy on his birthday. It might also lead to show that Baba and Hassan have a deeper reltionship then servent and master.
  • Amir wins Kite tournament

    After winning the tournament Amir states, "We won! We won!" (66). In this quote Amir and Hassan are celebrating because Amir won the kite tournament. This shows that it seems like a great relationship because Amir is saying we won.
  • Hassan is violated

    When in the alley watching Hassan get violated, Amir thinks, "I could step into the alley, [and] stand up for Hassan... Or I could run. In the end, I ran" (77). This shows that although it seemed like Amir and Hassan had a good relationship, they did not. It shows that Amir was scared and did not stand up for his "friend", Hassan. This day would change the rest of Hassan's life.
  • The rest of Amirs 1975 Winter

    When thinking about his past, Amir states, "My memory of the rest of that winter of 1975 is pretty hazy. I remember I was fairly happt when Baba was home" (87). This quote shows that Amir just went on with his life after watching his so called "friend" be raped. It shows that Amir is a coward because he would not admit to what he did or even apologize for it. He just started to ignore Hassan and make his own life happy.
  • Amir's Birthday

    When thinking about his birthday, Amir states, "I saw something I'll never forget: Hassan serving drinks to Assef and Wali from a silver plater...Assef grining, kneading Hassan in the chest with his knuckle" (100). This shows that even after seeing Hassan get bullied by Assef once and not doing anything, he does it again. He watched the boys torture Hassan and he still doesn not doing anything showing Hassan is not a true friend according to him, he is just his servent.
  • Soviets invade Afghanistan

    The Soviets attacked the capitan, Kabul on Decmber 27th 1979, and stayed there for 9 years. New York Times states, "Afghanistan has has known little peace since 1979" (1).
  • Baba and Amir leave Kabul

    When leaving Kabul, Amir states, "My innards had been rolling since we'd left Kabul just after two in the morning" (110). In this quote Baba and Amir are leaving Kabul for San Fransisco. It shows Amir will be leaving his life in Afghanistan for a long time.
  • Move to America

    When talking about life in America, Amir states, "Just one month after we arrived in the U.S., Baba found a job off Washington Boulevard as an assistant at a gas station" (130). This shows that Baba and Amir will not be as rich as they were in Kabul. It will be a very hard change for both of them.
  • Amir graduates high school

    Amir states, "That summer of 1983, I graduated from high school at the age of twenty" (131). This event shows that no matter his differences, Amir will strive to get what he wants. Being much older and different then the other students, shows that he really wants an education.
  • Amir's first book

    When talking about life with Soraya, Amir states, "In the summer of 1988, about six months before the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, I finished my first novel" (182). This shows that Amir has been working really hard to become a writter. His hard work has now payed off and his book was published, which was an important time in his life.
  • Soviets Leave

    New York Times states, "Soviet troops left Afghanistan in Febuary 1989" (2). This was due to UN peace talks with the Soviets.
  • Power divided amoung warlords

    New York Times states, "by the summer of 1994, power was anarchically divided amoung competing warlords" (2).
  • Mullah Omar gains followers

    New York Times states, "By the end of 1994 Mullah Omar had nearly 12,000 followers" (2). Mullah Omar and his followers then started attcking warlords in the east and north.
  • Taliban Gain Control

    The New York Times states, "The Talibann by 1996 had taken control of Afghanistan" (3). The Tabliban are the extrimest leaders of Afghanistan.
  • Rahim Khan Calls

    When talking to Soraya about a call Amir got, he stetaes, "Rahim Khan is very sick" (191). This phone call starts Amir's journey to Afghanistan, where Amir will find Hassan's son. It shows that Amir's life is about to change dramatically.
  • Arrive in America

    Amir states, "We arrived home about seven months ago, on a warm day in August 2001" (357). This even shows that even after all the hard times, Sohrab and Amir finally made it back to America. This shows that they all worked long and hard to get Sohrab to a safer place.
  • 9/11

    New York Times states, "The United States has become militarily involved in Afghanistan since 2001, when it led an invasion after the Sept. 11 attack by Al Qaeda" (1). Al Qaeda is an extrimest group who hates the US.
  • Afghan President Elected

    Because peace was needed, the New York Times states, "Mr. Karzai was elected to a five-year term, as president in 2004" (3).
  • General Petraeus becomes commander

    General Petraeus was a commander in the Iraq was and the New York Times states, "[he] had taken charge of [the] United States Central Command in October 2008" (4).
  • Obama announces his plan

    The New York Times states, "Mr. Obama announced his plan to deploy 30,000 additional troops" (4).
  • Planned to Withdraw

    New York Times states, "[The] initial plans called for American troops to begin withdrawing from Afghanistan in the summer of 2011" (1). The United States has decided to keep troops in Afghanistan untill 2014.