Kite Runner & History of Afghanistan

  • Hassan gets lip surgery

    Baba gets Hassan harelip surgery for is birthday. For some reason, Amir gets jealous saying,"It wasnt fair. Hassan hadnt done anything to earn Baba's afefections; hed just been born with that stupid harelip."(46). This shows how jealous Amir is of Babas affection for Hassan. If Baba had been nicer, maybe Amir wouldnt have needed that kite so bad and have helped Hassan.
  • Hassan's Violation

    The day Hassan gets raped, Amir admits that,"I became what I am today at the age of twelve, on a frigid overcast day in the winter of 1975."(1). It was this day that Amir won the kite competition and Amir got raped. Amir looks back at this day as he is dissapointed in himslef. It makes me wonder what Amir thinks he is, a monster?
  • Amir's Kite Victory

    As Amir battles the blue kite, he takes it down, saying,"We won! We won.", then he sees Baba and thinks,"Baba was on that roof, proud at last."(66). Amir sayign that we won shows how close he is to Hassan and how he thinks about him. Seeing Baba finally proud is what allows Amir to ditch Hassan later. Amir needed that kite for Baba to accept him.
  • Amir Tunrs 13

    Amir turns 13 and Baba has a huge party. Amir states that it was "Afghanistans next to last summer of peace and anonyminity."(93). With the Russians invading soon after, it is true Afghan will suffer. But that year was Amir's last year of peace too. He would live his life feeling guilt for what he did not do for Hassan,
  • Soviet Invasion

    The Soviets invaded Afghanistan. Afghanistan, "has known little peace since 1979, when theSoviet Union invaded.
    "Afghanistan-An Overview." Editorial. New York Times 6 Dec. 2011: 1-4. Print.
  • Amir and Baba Escape Kabul

    When Baba escapes Kabul, he takes his integrity with him. When a Russian soldier wants to rape a woman, Baba responds with,"Tell him he's wrong. War doesnt negate decency, it demands it, even more than in times of peace."(115). Baba is willing to die for someone who he never met to prevent rape. This makes Amir wonder if he really is Baba's son.
  • Amir Graduates High School

    Amir was very old when he graduated high school, stating that,"I graduated highschool at the age of twenty."(131). This shows how moving from one country to the other has set Amir back so much. Amir must have had a hard time learning english too, setting him back even more.
  • Amir Trys to Talk to Soraya

    Amir is not respecting Soraya's father's customs, but want to go talk to her anyway. Instead he tells her to tell her father,"I stopped by to pay my respects."(146). Amir is too scared to talk to her without a reason, and uses her father as a topic of conversation. Later they talk about Amir's stories.
  • Baba is told he has Cancer

    Baba is told he has cancer but does not want treatment. Amir suggests chemotherapy but Baba says,"Dont you dare challenge me in public, Amir. Ever. Who do you think you are?"(156). This goes to show that even though Amir is an adult, Baba still has power over him. When Baba dies, Amir gets that power back.
  • Amir asks for Soraya's hand

    Amir asks Baba to ask Soraya's father his permission for AMir to marry her. He says "I want you to go khastegari.I want you to ask Gerneral Taheri for his daughter's hand."(161). Baba does this and her father accepts. However Soraya admits to Amir that She slept with another man. THis bothers Amir a little but it does not change his mind.
  • Amir gets married

    Amir and Soraya marry soon after due to Baba's health. Amir says that,"We all agrred that Soraya and I would forgo the Shirini-khori. Everyone knew the reason, so no one had to actually say it: that Baba didnt have months to live."(169). This shows Amir is ready for what will happen and that he has started to affect the fact that Baba will die. Later on Soraya offers to move in with them to take care of Baba, trying to make ammends.
  • Baba Dies

    Baba passes very peacfully. It is almost as if he knew he was going to die. The night of the death, he refuses pain medication, saying "There is no pain tonight."(173). This shows how subborn Baba was. He even died on his own terms. When Baba died, Amir gained a lot of power due to no fear of him.
  • Period: to

    Soviet Union Leaves

    The UN had peace talks with the nations,"the last Soviet ropps left Afghanistan in Februray 1989, in what was in effect a unilateral withdrawl."
    "Afghanistan-An Overview." Editorial. New York Times 6 Dec. 2011: 1-4. Print.
  • Sanaubar come back

    Sanaubar, Hassan's mother, comes back. When she arrives at the gate she collapses. Hassan learns she is his mother when she says,"You smiled coming out of me, did anyone ever tell you? And I wouldnt even hold you. Allah forgive me, I wouldnt even hold you,"(210). Sanaubar came back to make ammends for leaving her son, and she seems pretty hung up on it. It shows how determined she was to help, she halped around the house a lot from then on.
  • Mills Omar takes over

    Mullah Omar, a person of Afghan folklore, took over power "By the end of 1994 Mullah Omar had nearly 12,00 followers."
  • The Taliban takes control

    By 1996 the Taliban had taken over Afghanistan. They were receiving fire arms from officers. The Taliban also protected Bin Laden, "who arrived by charter jet at Jalalabad Airport May 1996.".
  • Hassan and Fazara are killed

    The Taliban showed up at the house right when Hassan and his wifer were there. They demand to keep the house but Hassan says no. Hassan was not giving up, he."Protested again. So they took him to the street-".(219). They then shot Hassan and his wife due to "self defense". The Taliban obviously just wanted the house for a base and gave Hassan a false reason. From there Sohrab was put in an orphanage.
  • 9/11

    A day marred by the Taliban, the World Trade Center was taken down by a terrorist attack. President Bush finally made a good decision by "[giving] the Taliban an ultimatum to hand over Mr. bin Laden.".
  • Hamid Zakari takes office

    December, 2001, Hamid Karzai was named chairman of "an intern government that replaced the defeated Taliban.".
  • Amir chases a kite for Sohrab

    To make ammends, Amir chases down Sohrab's kite. Amir uses what Hassan said, "For you, a thousand times over."(371). Amir then runs down with a huge smile. It was the first time in a long time that Sohrab smiled, which brought joy do Amir.
  • Mr. Karzai becomes president

    Mr. Karzai took office as interim president, which led to actual presidency. He was " elected to a five-year presidential term in 2004.".
  • General Petreus

    This Iraq commander received a lot of credit for the success of the surge there. He had taken care of "United States Central Command in October 2008.".
  • Boots on the ground

    Obama, in a speech, said he would deploy troops in Afghanistan. He, "Mr. Obama announced his plan to deploy 30,000 additional troops.".
  • Boots on home ground

    Obama said he would want the soldiers home by the middle of 2011. He "[emphasized] the idea [that] the United States could not afford and should not have to shoulder an open-ended commitment.".