Kite Runner & History of Afghanistan

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  • Amir's Birth

    Amir, the main character was born in 1963, he "became what I am today at the age of tweleve, on a frigid overcast day in the winter of 1963" (Hosseini 1). The birth of Amir was significant, because his birth caused his mother to die. This affects the relationship between Amir and his father Baba because Baba lost the most important person in his life. During Amir's childhood, Baba has never treated him kindly and was very harsh on him mainly because he lost his love of his life because of him.
  • Hassan's Brith

    Amir's servant, Hassan was a key part of Amir's childhood, he "was born in the winter of 1964, just one year my mother gave birth to me" (Hosseini 6). The birth of Hassan affected Amir's life greatly. Hassan served as a servant for Amir. Amir was arrogant, ignorant, and felt like he was superior because he had more power over Hassan. He treated Hassan with no care, disrepected him and also took him for granted.
  • Baba's orphange

    Because of the high social status, Baba must demonstrates strong moral values and principles. In order to maintain this he selflessly "paid for the construction of the two-story orphanage" (Hosseini 13). This demonstrates not only is Baba rich and has high social status, he cares for his people and his community. He demonstrates the key factors of being a good person by doing this. The fact that he is rich and also having good principles shows the ideal traits of a person.
  • Amir gets envious of Hassan

    After hearing gunshots nearby, the two boys Amir and Hassan were frightened, "Hassan was crying. Ali pulled him close, clutched him with tenderness. Later I (Amir) would tell myself I hadn't delt envious of Hassan. Not at all" (Hosseini 35). This demonstrates Amir is jealous of Hassan having a father that loves and cares for him. Even though Amir has more power and priviliges over Hassan, he will not have the relationship with Baba as well as Hassan and Ali.
  • Hassan's race

    Hassan is Hazaran and after reading about them in the textbook, Amir "showed the book to my teacher and pointed the picture on the Hazaras. He skimmed through a couple of pages, snickered, handed the book back. 'That's the only thing Shi'a people do well,' he said...he said the word Shi'a like it was some kind of disease" (Hosseini 10). The comunity and the people disrepects and looks down on Hazarans and their culture. This proves why Hassan is Amir's servant mainly because he is a Hazaran.
  • Hassan gets violated

    After retrieving Amir's winning kite, Hassan is stuck in an alley with Asseff, the neighborhood bully. Assef tells Hassan after getting the kite "Of course, nothing is free in this world, and my pardon comes with a small price" (Hosseini 72) Amir stands back and watches Hassan getting violated by Asseff. This demonstrates the incredible loyalty of Hassan sacrificing his own body in order to satisfy Amir. If Amir was in Hassan's shoes, Amir would never had done the same thing.
  • Amir turns 13

    After Hassan and Ali leaves, Amir "turned thireteen that summer of 1976, Afghanistan's next to last summer of peace and anoymity. This represents Amir feels not guilty anymore of accusing Hassan of stealing his stuff. Furthermore, Amir is more peaceful now that he does not have Hassan with him anymore.
  • Soviet Union invades Kabul

    After fighting with the British for control of central Asia, "Soviet troops parachuted into Kabul on Dec. 27, 1979, to assist Babrak Karmal, who had become president in a coup within the Afghan Communist leadership" (2)
  • Amir and Baba escapes Afighanistan

    Due to the Taliban attack, Baba and Amir leave for Pakistan. Their truck was broken and "There would be no truck, Karim told us after we'd spent a week in the rat-infested basement. The truck was beyond repair" (Hosseini, 120). This allowed Amir to bond with others and realize the struggles of others. Amir realizes how fourtunate he is because he has a higher socialeconmic status. This gives him another perspective of life and the struggles others have to face.
  • Amir graduates high school

    As the oldest senior to graduate high school, Amir makes his father say, "I am Moftakhir, Amir'...Proud. His eyes gleamed when he said that and I liked being on the receiving end of that look" (Hosseini 131). Baba did not have a good relationship with his son Amir because Amir took his wife away from him. However, this is the first time Baba is proud of Amir. This makes the two have a better relationship than before and gives Amir more confidence.
  • Amir and Baba moves to America

    After escaping their home and moving to America, Amir describes, "For me, America was a place to bury my memories. For Baba, a place to mourn his" (Hosseini, 129). This demonstrates both Amir and Baba are trying to put their long past behind them and move on. Baba is upset with what happened, therefore this allows himself to dwell and morn on the past. Amir just wants to completely forget what happened and forget everything that happened to him and the ones he know. Amir can finally move on.
  • Amir meets Soraya

    After meeting General taheri's daughter, Amir's "heart suttered at the thought of her. Soraya Taheri. My Swap Meet Princess" (Hosseini 142). After many years of struggling and having trouble with life, Amir finally is able to meet someone that he likes and marrys. This demonstrate Amir has grown up more and is ready for the next phase of his life.
  • Amir gets married

    After being diagnosed with cancer, Baba has a short time to live. Amir saties Baba by marrying Soraya just before he passes away. Amir takes action by moving "into a one-bedroom apartment in Fremont, just a few blocks away from the gerneral and Khala Jamila's house" (Hosseini 180). This demonstrates Amir must take care of himself now without his father. Furthermore, Amir is transitioning from living with his father to living with his wife proving that he is becoming a man.
  • Soviets leave Afghanistan

    After negotiating with the United Nations, "the last Soviet troops left Afghamistan in Feburary 1989, in what was in effect a unilateral withdrawl" (2)
  • Amir vistis Rahim Khan

    After receiving a call from Rahim Khan, Amir immediately packs his bags and heads home to visit him. Amir tells Soroya, "Rahim Khan is very sick...When I was a kid he was the first grown-up I ever thought as my friend" (Hosseini 191). This demonstrates the close relationship between Amir and Rahim Kahn. Throughout the novel, Amir never develops a better relationship than anyone with Rahim Khan. Rahim Khan understanded and guided Amir. Hearing he is ill, Amir is very upset and shows his careness.
  • Sohrab

    After meeting Hassan's son Sohrab, Amir describes him as "a beautiful little boy, sweet as sugar, and had the same temperment as his father. Amir demonstrates he wants to atone by taking care and raising of Hassan's chil. After treating Hassan so harshly the least he can do is to take care of the child of Hassan. Amir tries to proves he is a different and a better person than before and wants to prove that he has changed.
  • 9/11 terroist attack

    After intervening in Afghanistan, the United States "led an invasion after the Sept. 11 attacks by Al Qaeda" (1)
  • Amir gives back

    After eating the food that were meant for the children, Amir felt guilty so he "planted a fistful of crumpled money under a mattress" (Hosseini 242). Amir feels guily after eating the children's food, so he gives back by giving them money. This shows Amir has changed trmendously from a self-centered, arrogant person to a selfless, caring person.