Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

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  • Amir is born.

    In the novel, Amir is born in "1964, just one year before giving birth to [Amir] (page 6). This is when Amir's journey starts. Although the chidhood of Amir isn't shown or talked about much at all, it is implied that this is when he uilds up his relatonship with Baba and Hassan as portrayed at the start of the book.
  • Hassan is born.

    While Amir and Rahim Khan are discussing Hassan's identity, Rahim Khan says, "I think you know who did" (page 274). This implies that Baba is infact Hassan's dad. This must have completely changed Amir's thoughts on returning to Kabul in order to save Sohrab. This is made evident by his action of leaving soon after learning this. Although some might see this as atoning Hassan, I believe it was more a selfish act of duty (because he was his uncle).
  • Amir wins the kite tournament + Hassan get violated and Amir does nothing

    Amir's most decision in the book was whether or not he interviented in the conflict with Hassan. The thoughts going through hi head were exibitted as, "I could step into that alley and stand up for Hassan--and accept whatever would happen to me. Or I could run. In the end, I ran." 77)Amir's poor decision was due to his low morals and values, however, this is not all his fault. This scene showed how Babas efforts to properly educate Amir are proved insufficient. This haunted Amir for a lifetime.
  • Ali and Hassan releave themselves from Baba's duty.

    Ali expresses his feelings about living with Baba by saying "Life here is imposible for us now." (106) Him stating this is the first clue for Amir that Hassan had told Ali the whole story. However, this only suprised and confused Baba more. This must have caused a lot of emotionaly stress to Baba especially during the 5 years that the author doesn't cover.
  • The Russians invade Afganistan so Amir and Baba rush to Pakistan.

    In the Kite Runner Amir struggles a lot during the escape to Pakistan, he descibes it as "You open your mouth. You open it so wide your jaws creak. You order your lungs to draw in air. NOW, you need air, need it NOW. But your airways ignore you." (page 121) The Russian invasion is a big event that revolutionizes the outcome of the novel and the lifetime of every character. This piece specifically consentatws on Amir and how he clashes with a new level of obstacles.
  • Amir and Bada live in Peshawar (for a couple months).

  • Amir and Baba move to America.

    When Baba and Amir move to America, the author implies it by saying, "Baba loved the idea of America. It was living in America that game him an ulcer" (page 125). At the begining it is evident that Baba loves America. With time his actions reveal that it is too big of a change for him to handle. However, due to Amir's lack of connection with Afghanistan compared to Baba he copes with the changes. This is shown when he starts building and settling his adulthood life there.
  • Amir meets Soraya.

    During Amir's first encounter with Soraya, he introduces himself, "oh, and my name is Amir" (page 146). He acts awkward which almost lets Soraya know that he is intrested. I believe that this might be what caused there deeper and more intimate relationship in the future. His awkardness aside, an other contributing factor is Amir's future efforts in conversing with her.
  • Amir gets married to Soraya.

    The main step in marrying Soraya was asking the general for his daughter. His response to the request was, "Amir jan, as for you, I welcome you to my home as a son, as the husband of my daughter who is the noor of my eye." (page 164). This shows a lot of respect that the general has for Amir. Although he had always been kind and repectful this implies a new level. Also, Amir now has permission to bring Soraya and his relationship to a new level.
  • Baba dies.

    Soon after Amir gets married, "Baba dies" (page 168). Baba's death wasn't as tragic as expected. This is because of his cancer being known and death being expected. Also, it appeared to be less tragic for a reader was due to Amir's greiving. He greived minimumly and moved on with his life. Although this may appear as good to some readers, it partially comes off as simply a lack of empathy.
  • Amir publishes his first book.

    Amir persues his carreer by writting a "novel [that] was published the following year, 1989". Although Hassan has been out of Amir's life for a while, in the readers perspective, and perhaps Amir's, this accomplishment is greatly connected to his childhood with Hassan. This is because writting was a passion that he built up back then, his first audiance was Hassan. As a reader, it is because of Hassan's feedback that Amir got to this point in his career.
  • Sohrab is born.

    While nearing the end of the book Amir finds out that, "it was Sanaubar who delivered Hassan's son that winter of 1990." (page 216) This must have been very important information to Amir for multiple reasons. Its important because it makes Hassan's death more devistating and cruel due to him having a family. Also, he may have been thinking that this gives him a possibility for atonement.
  • The Taliban take over.

  • The Taliban massacre the Hazaras leading to Hassan and his wife's death. (Sohrab goes to an orphanage)

    Rahim Khan witnessed Hassan's death. He recalls to it by saying, "Hassan [slumped] to the asphalt, his life of unrequited loyalty drifiting away from him like the windblown kits he used to chase" (page 219). Rahim Khan's connection to the kite chasing portayed a dark and sad feeling. The same was felt by Amir as Rahim Khan kept explaining, especially the referance to his loyalty must have boosted Amir's modivation for atonement.
  • Amir is called by Rahim Khan to Afghanistan.

    Amir was settling down and building up his life in America when "Rahim Khan called from Pakistan. He asked [Amir] to come see him". (page 1) To Amir this was something negative. This is because he hadn't learned his lesson quite yet and thought it was just his past haunting him. Later one he will learn he has to face it and atone his past in order to forgive himself.
  • Sohrab comes with Amir back to America

    After a long legal and emotional struggle, Amir and Sohrab finally, "arrived in the U.S" (page 366). This is the start of Amir's second chance, however, at this point Soharab doesn't appear to want to coopertate. This is with reason due to all the terrible things done to him and the way he was treated by everyone in the past.
  • Amir and Sohrab fly their first kite together.

    At the end of the book Amir is getting closer to finally atoning his past. He takes a great leap forward with his last noted conversation with Sohrab, "I thought I saw him nod." then Amir said, "for you, a thoughsand times over" (page 371). This gives Amir and his audiance hope that by treating Sohrab the way Hassan treated him, Amir might have a chance for redepmtion. His second chance was given to him due to his improved moral values.