Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

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    Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

  • Baba pays for Hassan's Surgery

    Hassan was born with a cleft lip. For Hassas's birthday Baba pays to have a plastic surgeon, Dr. Kumar, come and fix his lip, freeing him of being made fun of and getting called names.
  • Baba Starts an Orphanage

    Baba is a very weaalthy man. He decides to give back and start an orphanage.
  • Hassan is Raped

    After the kite competition, Hassan runs after the kite. Ater Hassan had grabbed the kite, Assef had asked Hassan for the kite. Since Hassan was loyal to Amir, he refused to hand over the kite, Assef raped him.
  • Amir and Hassan win the kite competition

    During the winter of 1975, Amir competes in the kite competition. Amir believes that his father will be proud of him if he wins this year, and he does.
  • Parachuted into Kabul

    On December 29, 1979, Soviet troops parachuted into Kabul to assist Babrak Karmel ("Afghanistan- An Overview")
  • Amir and Baba Move to America

    In America, Baba is having trouble adjusting to the American life while Amir is doing just fine. In America Baba also doesnt have as much power as he did before, this takes some time getting used to.
  • Soviet Air Force

    By the end of 1986, the Soviet Air Forcewas largely rendered useless. ("Afghanistan- An Overview")
  • Leaving Afghanistan

    In Feburary 1989, the last Soviet troops had left. ("Afghanistan- An Overview")
  • Amir Marries Soraya

    Amir finally finds the nerve to speak to Soraya. Amir asks Baba to ask General Taheri for Sorayas hand in marriage, she accepts. Since Baba is very ill, the engagement period is skipped and Amir and Soraya have the wedding right away.
  • Baba Dies

    Soon after Amir and Sorayas marriage, Baba died. The cancer had spread to his brain. One night Soaya and Amir go to put Baba to bed and Soraya says "I'LL come back with yout morphine and a glass of water, Kaka jan." (173) Baba replies with "Not tonight" "There is no pain tonight."(173) Baba falls asleep that night, but doesnt wake up the next morning.
  • Divided Power

    Power was divided among competing warlords and individual fiefdoms. ("Afghanistan- An Overview")
  • Mullah Omar's Followers

    By the end of 1994, Mullan Omar had nearly 12,000 followers with his promise of restoring the centrality of Islam to daily life. ("Afghanistan- An Overview')
  • Hassan Dies

    In 1995, Hassan dies. He was found in Baba's house in Pakistan. Since the Taliban didnt like Hazaras, they and shot Hassan and his wife as well.
  • Mr. Bin Laden

    The Taliban provided a haven for Mr. Bin Laden. ("Afghanistan- An Overview")
  • Amir finds out he was Hassan's brother

    After the death of Hassan, Rahim Khan tells Amir that Baba was not only the father of Amir, but also the father of Hassan. When Amir finds out, he is furious. He believes that his life was a big lie.
  • Sohrab Agrees to Move to America with Amir

    Amir asks Sohrab if he is wiling to move to America with them. After a week of thinking about it, Sohab agrees.
  • Amir Tells Sohrab that He will have to Go Back to the Orphanage

    Since there was not death certificate for both of Sohrabs parents, Amir is not allowed to take him to America or adopt him. If Sohrab spends two years in the orphanage, Amir would be able to adopt him after the two years are over.
  • Sohrab Attempts Sucide

    Amir had told Sohrab that going back to the orphanage might be necessary for adopting him. After hearing this news, Sohrab attempts sucide with a razor. Amir finds him bleeding and unconscious in the bathtub.
  • Amir meets Rahim Khan in Pakistan

    Amir recieves a call from Rahim Khan and is told that Rahim Khan wants to meet with Amir in Pkistan. Rahim Khan is becoming very ill. Since Rahim Khan is going to die soon, he decides to tell Amir about Hassan, and how Amir and Hassan are brothers
  • Amir, Soraya, and Sohrab end up in America

    Amir stays in the hospital while Sohrab sleeps. When he wakes up, Amir tells Soharb that there is a way they could go to America. Sohrab refuses to speak. Amir, Soraya, and Sohrab are in America by August 2001.
  • 9/11 Tower Attacks

    On September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda had attacked our Twin Towers in New York. ("Afghanistan- An Overview")
  • Hamid Karzai

    Hamid Karzai was named chairman of the government that replaced the Taliban. ("Afghanistan- An Overiview")
  • Amir takes Sohrab Kite Flying

    Hassan was Amirs kite flying partner and now that Hassn is gone, He takes Sohrab with him. Amir shows Sohrab Hassan's favorite tricks. Since Hassan ran for Amirs kites, Amir wanted to run for Sohrabs kites. Amir asks Hassan if he should run for his kite and Sohrab just nods. Amir replies with "For you, a thousand times over." (371)
  • Hamid Karzai

    Hamid Karzai takes office. ("Aghanistan- An Overview")
  • Obama's Speech

    On Demember 1, 2009, Obama had announced his plan to deploy an additional 30,000 troops. He vowed to start bringing American forces home. ("Afghanistan- An Overview")