Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

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In History
  • India Becomes Independent

    India Becomes Independent
    Britain separates from India, creating the predominantly Hindu but secular state of India and the Islamic state of Pakistan. The nation of Pakistan includes a long, largely uncontrollable, border with Afghanistan.
  • Hassan's Incident

    Hassan's Incident
    On the way to give Amir the blue kite, Hassan is stopped by a Assef and his friends who rape him as Amir watches beyond the corner not doing anything. Amir sees "...the blue kite resting against the wall...the other was Hassan's corduroy pants thrown on a heap of eroded bricks" (Hosseini 75).
  • Moving to California

    Moving to California
    Amir and his father, Baba, move from Pakistan to California. Baba loves America and enjoys "...tea and cake at the park...the trees and open fields..." (Hosseini 125 & 126)
  • Population Diminishes In Afghanistan

    Due to war including Afghanistan, many civilians are immigrating to get away from the war. "Some 2.8 million Afghans have fled from the war to Pakistan, and another 1.5 million have fled to Iran."
  • The Beginning of a Relationship

    In the summer of 1985, Amir talked to Soraya for the first time. He started by saying "Salaam...i'm sorry to be mozahem, I didn't mean to disturb you..." (Hosseini 145). Amir goes on to ask about the general and try to continue the dialogue between them by asking Soraya about the book she's reading. This leads Amir to find out they have common interests.
  • Wedding and Passing

    Wedding and Passing
    Soraya and Amir were given permission to get married and shortly after the wedding, Baba passed away in his sleep due to cancer. Then, Amir and Soraya moved into a " bedroom apartment in Fremont..."(Hosseini 180).
  • War Between Islamists and Soviets

    In September, Osama bin Laden and 15 other Islamists form their base, to continue their war, against the Soviets and other who they say oppose their goal of a pure nation governed by Islam.
  • Peace Among the Countries

    Peace Among the Countries
    After many years of war, the U.S, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Soviet Union signed a peace agreement that keeps Afghan independent and 100,000 Soviet troops leaving Afghan.
  • Amir Starts a Life

    Amir Starts a Life
    Amir gets his first novel published which talked about a "...father-son relationship set in Kabul..."(Hosseini 182). In this same year, Soraya and Amir began to try to have a child which they soon learn they are unable to accomplish.
  • Hassan's Life

    While Amir was living his life in America, Hassan's wife, Farzana, became pregnant with their soon to be child, Sohrab. Soon after, Hassan came in contact with his mother, Sanaabar. This surprised them because "no one has seen Sanaubar since she had eloped..."(Hosseini 210).
  • Taliban is Rising

    A new terrorist group called the Taliban is growing and spreading throughout Afghanistan although not being stopped because of its traditional islamic values.
  • Visiting an Old Friend

    Amir goes to Pakistan to be with Rahim Khan who is sick. Rahim Khan convinces Amir to go by saying "Come. There is a way to be good again" (Hosseini 192). This statement triggers Amir to think that he can atone.
  • Search for Sohrab

    Amir finds the orphanage that held Hassan and Faraza's son, Sohrab, in Kabul. This leads him to a stoning event that shows members of the Taliban throwing stones at people. "The Talib...hurled the stone at the blindfolded man in thehole"(Hosseini 271).
  • Returning Home

    After Amir finds Sohrab, They both return back to America. Sohrab continues to live with Amir and Soraya in their home. "Soraya turned the upstairs study into a bedroom for Sohrab" (Hosseini 358).
  • Another Kite Event

    Amir took Sohrab and others to participate in a Kite flying event that was very special to him. "The last time i felt a rush like this was that day in the winter of 1975"(Hosseini 370).