kite runner and history of afghanistan

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  • hassan is born

    hassan is born
    In 1964 Hassan was born in the same shack he was raised in, "It was there in that little shack Hassan was born..." (6). Hassan's mother ran away to a group of performers a week after his birth, and was quick to reject her son due to his cleft lip.
  • communist party forms

    The communist party of Afghanistan secretly form with, " The group’s principal leaders [being] Babrak Karmal and Nur Mohammad Taraki."
  • baba built an orphanage

    baba built an orphanage
    When Amir was a young boy Baba built an orphanage for all the children that didn't have homes, ".. when I was five or six, Baba decided to build an orphanage," (13). Due to Baba's success in the orphanage it made him well know around town. As this gave many children homes it also gave Baba's family a step up in society as everyone respected and knew who he was.
  • khan rises to power

    khan rises to power
    Prime Minister, Mohammed Daoud Khan overthrows previous king and the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan rise to power with him. "Khan abolishes the monarchy and names himself president."
  • amir pranks hassan

    amir pranks hassan
    While reading to Hassan Amir decides to play a trick on Hassan by not actually reading the book but rather making up his own story. When he finished the book Amir asked how the story was with a "... giggle rising in [his] throat..." (30). While this was a harmless joke Amir decided to play it shows how little respect he has for Hassan, knowing he can't read he still decides to poke fun at the fact. He began to laugh that Hassan was so oblivious to the fact it wasn't part of the story.
  • hassan's surgery

    hassan's surgery
    For Hassan's birthday Baba grants him with a surgery to fix his cleft lip. Although this is a major moment for Hassan, Amir does not feel the same way. Due to Amir's constant need for Baba's affection he constantly feels like he is competing with Hassan for his attention, even thinking, "I wished I too had some kind of scar that would beget Baba's sympathy," (46). Since Baba is so hard on Amir, he wishes he had the same relationship Hassan has with Baba.
  • hassan's altercation

    hassan's altercation
    After the Kite Fight, Hassan goes to get the kite,running into Assef on the way back. Assef and his friends demand he give up the kite, and when he refuses, Assef decides to sexually assault Hassan in which Amir sees,"... I caught a glimpse of his face. Saw the resignation in it. It was a look I had seen before. It was the look of the lamb," (76). Due to fear, Amir sees Hassan but decides not to do anything about it. It shows their how Amir feels about Hassan, referring to him as his servant.
  • khan is dead

    Khan is killed by a communist group, "Nur Mohammad Taraki, one of the founding members of the Afghan Communist Party, takes control of the country as president, and Babrak Karmal is named deputy prime minister". They base their polices on Islamic principles and sign a friendship treaty with the Soviet Union.
  • usa stops helping

    usa stops helping
    Once American Ambassador Adolph Dubs dies in Afghanistan the US cuts off all forms of assistance to Afghanistan. Power struggle between the President and Deputy Prime Minister and ultimately results in "Taraki [president] is killed on Sept. 14 in a confrontation with Amin [Deputy Prime Minister] supporters." The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan and Amin with many of his followers are killed, while "Deputy Prime Minister Babrak Karmal becomes prime minister."
  • amir and baba on their way to america

    amir and baba on their way to america
    As Baba and Amir take a truck fleeing from Kabul, Baba stand ups for a women. Amir pulls Baba back, "Baba slapped [his] hand away. Haven't I taught you anything?" (116). Amir is shocked by Baba's reaction as he was able to stand up to a fully armed guard. Amir is also taken back as he was not able to stand up for Hassan, but Baba scolding Amir for trying to hold him back, this makes it even more clear to Amir what he should've done and how he could've earned Baba's affection in another way.
  • afghans flee

    During the war "Some 2.8 million Afghans have fled from the war to Pakistan, and another 1.5 million have fled to Iran." With over 3 million people fled the war still affects both rural and urban areas.
  • amir and baba in america

    amir and baba in america
    During a dinner one night in America, Amir mentions going back to Peshawar for Baba. Amir thinks this will help Baba as he has noticed Baba has been sad in America and thinks if Baba sees his friends in Peshawar he will it will cheer him up. However Baba responds with, "Besides, I didn't bring us here for me, did I?" (130). This reminds Amir of the real reason of why they choose to move to America and how he needs to show Baba that this was the right decision.
  • al-Qaida is formed

    al-Qaida is formed
    Osama bin Laden forms al-Qaida with 15 other Islamists to continue the 'holy war' against the Soviet Union and to keep the nation governed by Islam. After winning their first battle they "begin to shift their focus to America..."
  • peace treaty signed

    Once Afghanistan and the Soviet Union sign a peace treaty the Soviet Union "withdrawal[s] of 100,000 Soviet troops..."
  • sanubar visits

    sanubar visits
    One day when Hassan was living back in Amir and Baba's mansion with Rhaim, Sanubar comes to see Hassan. She comes in with her face slashed but only wondering where Hassan is so she can talk to him. Sanubar tells Hassan, "And I wouldn't even hold you. Allah forgive me, I wouldn't even hold you," (210). Sanubar came looking for Hassan, to try to apologize for what she had done to her son hoping to make amends with her son, something Amir wishes he could've done with Hassan.
  • taliban in power

    taliban in power
    The Islamic militia, also known as the Taliban rises to power after years of drought, famine , and war they promise to keep traditional Islamic values. However due to certain regulations set by the Taliban "The United States refuses to recognize the authority of the Taliban."
  • al-Qaida targets USA

    After two American embassies were bombed by al-Qaida and "President Clinton orders cruise missile attacks against bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan."
  • rahim khan calls

    rahim khan calls
    One day Rhaim calls, asking Amir to go to Pakistan as he has gotten sick and wants Amir to come visit. However Rahim is really calling to reveal secrets from Amir's past. After the call Amir senses this and realizes he needs to go back to Pakistan to gain closure, "... I knew it wasn't just Rahim on the line. It was the past of my unatoned sins," (1). Amir feels the need to return to Pakistan as he understands what he needs to do when he goes in order to fix unresolved issues.
  • sohrab comes to america

    sohrab comes to america
    Amir and Sohrab make it back to America and everybody has a dinner together. General Sahib questions Amir why he brought Sohrab, home calling him a Hazara boy. Amir responds raging, "You will never refer to him as 'Hazara Boy' in my presence," (361). This shows growth in Amir, as previously during Hassan's rape he justifies the rape due to Hassan being a Hazara and therefore gave him a reason to walk away. Now Amir understands that was wrong and tries to make it up to Hassan.
  • 9-11

    Hijackers on airplanes hit the twin towers in New York and US pentagon, killing thousands of people. "Days later, U.S. officials say bin Laden, the Saudi exile believed to be hiding in Afghanistan, is the prime suspect in the attack."