King Arthur

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  • Uther's Deception

    Uther's Deception
    King Uther wanted Lady Igraine so badly that he had Merlin give him a magic potion that made him look like Lady Igraine's husband. This was the night Arthur was conseved.
  • Arthur's birth

    Arthur's birth
    Arthur was born and taken away from his mother and given to Merlin to be raised
  • Sword in the Stone

    Sword in the Stone
    There was a Sword in a Stone that read "He who ever pull this sword is the true king of england." all the lord in the relam came to pull it but they were unable then a young arthur without knowing pulls out the sword.
  • Lady in the Lake

    Lady in the Lake
    King Arthur broke his sword in battle and asked Merlin where he could get a new one. Merlin lead him to the Lake of Alavon where the Lady of the Lake, gave him Excalibur.
  • Arthur's Victories

    Arthur's Victories
    King Arthur won Battles over the Scotish, Welsh and Irish expanding his rule.
  • Marriage to Lady Guinevere

    Marriage to Lady Guinevere
    King Arthur married Lady Guinevere
  • Building of Camelot

    Building of Camelot
    King Arthur wanted a new castle to celebrate his new life with Lady Guinevere, so he built Camelot
  • Creation of the Knights of the Round Table

    Creation of the Knights of the Round Table
    Arthur wanted all his kinght to feel equal so he created a round table so them to do buiness around
  • Fathering his sister's son

    Fathering his sister's son
    Against Merlin's advice Arthur slept with Morgawes his half sister (they didnt know) and fathered a boy named Mordred
  • Arthur's Death

    Arthur's Death
    During his final battle, Arthur sees Mordred his enemy and put his spear in him but Mordred feeling his death near push the spear throught himself and dealt Arthur a fatal blow.
  • Arthurs Final Wish

    Arthurs Final Wish
    Arhtur asked one of his knights to take Excalibur and throw it back in to Lake Avalon, after lying to the king twice about doing it he throws it is and the lady of the lake catches it and holds on to it for Arthurs return.
  • The Return fo Arthur

    The Return fo Arthur
    One day King Arthur shall return and claim his right spot as " The Once and Future King of Avalon.
    But When...........