Kim picture

Kim's Life

  • Kim's Birthday

    It's a GIRL! Happy birthday, Kim!
  • Happy first birthday!

    Today Kim turned one!
  • Kim goes to preschool

  • Nicole is born

    Kim's little sister named Nicole is born!
  • Period: to

    Kim is in school

  • Kim moves from Natick to Upton

    Kim's family uproots and moves to Upton where she meets her current friends, Kristen and Regan (me!).
  • Kims 10th birthday

  • Kim starts horseback riding

  • Kim gets her ears pierced the first time

  • Kim breaks her finger

  • Kim goes to American Idol concert

  • Kim gets Mimi

    Mimi, Kim's guinea pig, joins her family today
  • Kim gets obsessed with Justin Bieber

  • Kim gets in a car accident

    Kim and Regan's family gets in a car accident in North Carolina because of a drunk driver, totaling the car but fortunately killing no one.
  • Kim's sister's prom

  • Kim gets her braces off

    Kim has been waiting for a long time to get her braces off and now she finally has them off!