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Kim Gentes Reviews 15 Years of Modern Worship

By kgentes
  • Shout To The Lord - Hillsong Australia (1996)

    Shout To The Lord - Hillsong Australia (1996)
    The landmark, breakout album from Hillsong was the 1996 release of "Shout To The Lord". While Hillsong had become moderately popular through a series of its own releases, "Shout To The Lord" was a unique release made under Integrity Music's Hosanna label. Via Integrity, "Shout To The Lord" became the foundational pivot from which its legendary title track rose to one of the top songs in the world wide church...(more)
  • Celtic Praise - Eden's Bridge (1997)

    Celtic Praise - Eden's Bridge (1997)
    Celtic Praise! This is awesome! The Lord was incredibly present as I worshiped along to the CD. If you haven't heard Celtic praise & worship before, you will be haunted for weeks with the tones and sounds of the ethnic Irish sounds giving glory to Jesus. If you thought you liked "Amazing Grace" before, you will be blown away by this rendition. Simply heavenly...(more)
  • Cutting Edge - Delirious? (1998)

    Cutting Edge - Delirious? (1998)
    When I heard I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever, I knew, in that moment, that "church music" had changed. Songs, they say, can have a life of their own. When songs can communicate something so relevant that we all want to join in, but say it in a unique way that awakens our emotions, those songs become "ours". As I listened to I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever, tears began to roll down my face. I was singing that song because it was truth captured...(more)
  • From The Earth Beneath Me ... Live At Blood N Fire - Danny Steyne (1998)

    From The Earth Beneath Me ... Live At Blood N Fire - Danny Steyne (1998)
    I recently took a trip to Canada where I spent several hours in a rental car driving through rural Canada. I had originally thought I placed several CDs in my pack to listen to during the drive. Just one CD was found, however, and it was Danny Steyne's "Live At Blood N Fire". I listened to this CD and worshiped along for not just minutes, but a couple of hours! It is anointed and well executed. The songs are also excellent for use in worship...(more)
  • Threshing Floor - Mark Miller (1998)

    Threshing Floor - Mark Miller (1998)
    Welcome Mark Miller! The exclamation is for a reason. This guy has a wonderful CD! We hope that everyone will get a chance to listen to Mark's newest CD called "Threshing Floor". The style is retro acoustic to rock. If you like Darrel Evans, this CD will be a total blessing to you. These songs are edgy on some, and blissful clear through. Mark's not just a newbie either, he has had songs published already that have appeared on Vineyard's TFH series...(more)
  • Freedom - Darrell Evans (1998)

    Freedom - Darrell Evans (1998)
    I've evaluated a few hundred projects personally, and ended up writing about 100 professional reviews. Of all the albums I have heard, I don't know of a better studio recording on a worship project than this incredible album by Darrell Evans. It is now over 12 years since Darrell shocked the world with Freedom in what amounts to the standard in a studio worship recording. Listening to this project, I am still overwhelmed by a sense of God's presence...(more)
  • Lincoln Brewster (1998)

    Lincoln Brewster (1998)
    Worship with real edge. One of the most powerful CDs I have heard in a long time is Lincoln Brewsters self titled debut CD with the Integrity Label "Vertical Music" (the same label as Darrell Evans). Kids, don't try this at home! Listening to this CD is likely to drive you to loving Jesus way beyond what you may be currently comfortable with. The music on this CD is rock in its purest form - great groove, awesome licks and raw lyrics...(more)
  • The Friendship and the Fear - Matt Redman (1998)

    The Friendship and the Fear - Matt Redman (1998)
    Redman's first recording that released in the US was "The Friendship and the Fear" in 1998 (released through the EMI StarSong label). This album was chock full of singable and upbeat songs that contained a rock driven sound with fresh rhythmic sensibilities such as Believer and Better Is One Day. But it was mixed in with intimate melodic classics that have become staples in churches worldwide- such as I Will Offer Up My Life and Once Again...(more)
  • King Of Fools - Delirious? (1998)

    King Of Fools - Delirious? (1998)
    "King of Fools" was one of the absolute best musical treatments of the modern worship genre. While the songs were slower to gain acceptance from general Sunday morning church, youth groups were quick to begin using this amazing cache of songs. The slamdunk favorite of this album was Deeper, which was a plaintiff cry with great pop motif, infectious melody and musical groove...(more)
  • Angels Dancing - Seth Peterson (1998)

    Angels Dancing - Seth Peterson (1998)
    After listening to this album repeatedly, I couldn't believe I was listening to an independent release. I have listened to hundreds of songs by independent worship leaders, publishers and so on. Many of them are good worship, but most are clearly not meant for "the nations", instead are God's gift to a local body. Not so with this new albums from Seth Peterson (Angels Dancing). This guy is clearly gifted and the project has superb lyrical craftsmanship..(more)
  • Lift A Shout - Bill Patton (1999)

    Lift A Shout - Bill Patton (1999)
    "Lift A Shout", is a live worship CD with worship leader Bill Patton. I really liked the quality of songs on this CD! It was clear that they weren't just pumping out a CD to meet a deadline- no these were real worship songs, with real anointing! To start with, "Shout" (title cut) really groves! I liked the instrumentation, but you don't get lost with any of the songs on this CD. They are meant for worship,..(more)
  • Hungry / Vineyard UK - Brian Doerksen, Brenton Brown & Kathryn Scott (1999)

    Hungry / Vineyard UK - Brian Doerksen, Brenton Brown & Kathryn Scott (1999)
    There may be no other CD in the last 20 years that better epitomises the modern worship movement than the March 1999 release of Vineyard UK's "Hungry". Produced by songwriter/worship leader Brian Doerksen, this now classic project contains not only a brilliant cast of leaders, musicians and voices but hosts a track list of some of the most popular songs sung in the Christian church worldwide...(more)
  • Better Than Life - Sheri Keller (1999)

    Better Than Life - Sheri Keller (1999)
    This is a tremendous new indie CD that we are very excited about. This CD is a studio recording of a worship leader from the Valparaiso, Indiana Vineyard church. Frankly, this CD has the absolute best sound and production of any indie CD I have ever listened to. The musical presentation is arranged and mixed on par with ANY "big" company CD I have listened to, and eclipses most of those...(more)
  • Alabaster Boxes - Casey Corum (1999)

    Alabaster Boxes - Casey Corum (1999)
    Welcome to a great worship music CD! When you strive for great music, worship is sometimes lost in the final "production" of a worship album. This can be especially true of independent projects that just don't have the time or money to make things sound awesome in the midst of recording true worship...(more)
  • Revival In Belfast - Robin Mark (1999)

    Revival In Belfast - Robin Mark (1999)
    For over 15 years, one of the most acclaimed worship recordings has been this now classic from Robin Mark. Revival In Belfast is a truly remarkable recording for several reasons, but the main one is this- authenticity. Guided by award winning producer Paul Mills, this recording delivers a brilliant collage of uilleann pipes, pennywhistles and the honest cries of North Ireland through the voice and music of Robin Mark. This recording hits the pinnacle...(more)
  • It's All About Jesus - Scott Underwood & Danny Daniels (1999)

    It's All About Jesus - Scott Underwood & Danny Daniels (1999)
    To kick it off, this CD begins with a karate chop to the chin of P&W project "formula" of starting with an upbeat song and fading to slow. Instead of hyping us up, pumping the emotions, and playing to our expectations, they start off with the song "Stand Back". This song moves from the contemplative position of encouraging us all to "stand back" and let God move. Writing the lyrics in synch with musical feel, Scott Underwood lets the song grow, building.(more)
  • The Heart Of Worship - Matt Redman (1999)

    The Heart Of Worship - Matt Redman (1999)
    In 1999, the WorshipTogether label released what would become, at the time, Matt Redman's signature album and song in "The Heart of Worship" (it would later be eclipsed only by his most popular song, Blessed Be The Name). Like Believer on "The Friendship and the Fear", this new album included another celebratory praise hit with Let Everything That Has Breath...(more)
  • Live from the Strip - Kate Miner (1999)

    Live from the Strip - Kate Miner (1999)
    There is a certain quality that God blesses some with. It is musical, yet it is more than notes. It is confidence, yet it is more than personality. It is giftedness, yet it is more than prodigy for the sake of self glorification. It is that certain something we have found in those that don't just excel, they expand and explore. We have met these people. Meet another one of those people - Kate Miner! And meet the new project "Live Worship from the Strip".(more)
  • The Well: Live In The Spirit - Langley Vineyard (1999)

    The Well: Live In The Spirit - Langley Vineyard (1999)
    It has been a while since a worship CD has really surprised me. I have heard lots of good music, and excellent worship examples. About 5 days ago, we got a new CD into our warehouse. The shipment of CDs came from our Canadian friends. The CD is the first project released out of the Langely Vineyard church in 6 years. This is the same church that gave us a parade of songwriters and worship leaders like Andy Park, Brian Doerksen, Craig Musseau...(more)
  • Everlasting - Chris Wright (1999)

    Everlasting - Chris Wright (1999)
    Another level! That is how I describe the latest project from the increasingly popular catalog of projects from PDI Music. 'Everlasting' releases a new level of musicality, production, and diversity for the listeners of PDI music. From the series, Come & Worship, this latest CD takes on the 'big' labels with excellent musical presentation and very strong song selection...(more)
  • The Burn Service - Vineyard Music (1999)

    The Burn Service - Vineyard Music (1999)
    One of the signs of revival in church history has been repentance. The Burn Service CD is a venture into musical repentance and prayer. It is this state of heart that has typified the music of the modern day flames of revival. While I absolutely love the sound of this CD musically, what gets you "there" for the Burn CD is the abandon of "self" posed in these song lyrics. Ryan Delmore, Darren Clarke & Jesse Lane lead these songs with uncommon passion...(more)
  • Draw Near To Me - Scott Brenner (1999)

    Draw Near To Me - Scott Brenner (1999)
    Refreshing, enthralling, and God-ward! That is the rapturous sounds of "Draw Near To Me", the independently released devotional music project from Scott Brenner. The CD is sub-titled "Intimate, devotional worship for your quiet time". This is the perfect by-line description of this project. The lyrical content of the project is prayerful (I Want To Be Holy), scripture themes (Changed by The Mere Reflection), and sometimes direct scripture quotes...(more)
  • Sonic Flood (1999)

    Sonic Flood (1999)
    A while back, I was spending a little time listening to demos from various music companies and individuals.. doing that isn't the heavenly experience you might expect.. so many CDs, so little real worship, so many cliche songs.. then something ballistic happened- I listened to an incredible CD by a new group called "Sonic Flood". It is just awesome[(more)](
  • Big Big God - Roger Hodges (1999)

    Big Big God - Roger Hodges (1999)
    Crisp, clear and radiant--these are the inviting rhythms of Roger Hodges' best worship project to date, 'Big Big God'. Are you thinking of what it would sound like to have pristine sound production, knitted with completely rapturous melodies, all held together with incredible grit through honest vocals? Stop thinking, start worshiping--with 'Big Big God'! (more)
  • Open The Eyes Of My Heart - Paul Baloche (2000)

    Open The Eyes Of My Heart - Paul Baloche (2000)
    Praise Adonai! What a way to start this incredible album. I love the journey that this new project, from Integrity Music, takes. One of the unique things about this album is that it is the first album in a very long time that seriously considers the listener in the song sequence, laying out a well developed progression of intimacy, drawing us into the courts of praise and worship of our God. But this opening cut is far too overwhelming to worry...(more)
  • Here I Am To Worship - Tim Hughes (2001)

    Here I Am To Worship - Tim Hughes (2001)
    If you're like me, you have friends who regularly share with you of their latest discoveries in worship and music. Several months ago, one such friend, introduced me to a song called 'Here I am To Worship'. The song was clear, inviting and sparkling of truth. The more I listened, the less I listened and began to worship and bow my heart to God. Such was my initiation into the sounds and songs of a worship leader Tim Hughes...(more)
  • All I Need - Vineyard Music Canada (2001)

    All I Need - Vineyard Music Canada (2001)
    In my mind, this is one of the best Vineyard project since Winds of Worship 12 (Come, Now Is The Time To Worship) and Hungry. While it doesn't need accolades to get noticed, I would be crazy to not give the Editor's Choice Award to this great project. 'All I Need' will stand out for its great songs, and great worship, for many years to come! If you have one CD in the budget for this entire year- this is the CD[(more)](
  • Much - Lamont Hiebert & Ten Shekel Shirt (2001)

    Much - Lamont Hiebert & Ten Shekel Shirt (2001)
    Recently, I was thinking extensively about liturgy, and the concept of 'call to worship' songs. It was in the context of this thinking that I clicked the 'play' button on my portable CD player and let spin the new Vertical Music title 'Much' by the band Ten Shekel Shirt. The first song, 'Meet With Me' knocked me out! And it just kept on going with each track...(more)
  • Here Is Life - Seth Parks (2002)

    Here Is Life - Seth Parks (2002)
    This new worship project is a diary of sorts telling the beauty and ashes, pains and joys struggle that declares 'Here is Life'. From pensive steps in easy listening ballads to driving acoustic rock, Seth Parks highlights the journey of life with what real life is made of-- from the mundane to the brilliant! Whether intentional or simply the fruit of his life, everything on this new CD is connected with that premise...(more)
  • God Of Wonders - Video Songbook CD-ROM (2002)

    God Of Wonders - Video Songbook CD-ROM (2002)
    I received a new product from Integrity called "God of Wonders Video Songbook". I read the cover and quickly discovered it was a CD-ROM, which I immediately threw in my computer's CD-ROM drive. What I saw very encouraging! In about 5 minutes I had become hooked on this new tool. A day later, I brought the CD-ROM to my home and put it in my home PC. In 10 minutes I had learned the song I wanted to learn, using the age-old method of all successful...(more)
  • You Shine - Brian Doerksen (2002)

    You Shine - Brian Doerksen (2002)
    Welcome to the the first track of the new worship project 'You Shine', from Brian Doerksen and Integrity Hosanna Music. In keeping with his modus operandi, Doerksen places his most significant new song offering right on the first track, and in that sense, he also sets the tone for the album. For this album is not just about singing joyful answers (though it certainly does that)- it is about the struggle, the questions, and, yes, the joy of living...(more)
  • Sacred Warrior - Terry & Darlene Wildman (2002)

    Sacred Warrior - Terry & Darlene Wildman (2002)
    What was amazing about the music and ministry of RainSong isn't just the songs or style, but the reality of God's presence permeating the message. It is the brokenness turned to joy that is revealed when people hear the music of their own culture and native lands speaking the truth of Christ. This CD project captures this essence and this passion. 'Sacred Warrior' is more than a CD meant to reach native American peoples, it is a project...(more)
  • Survivor Songbook (2002)

    Survivor Songbook (2002)
    What is great about this songbook is not just its extensive enough to cover most of the popular modern worship songs- but it also includes an amazing set of files on the included CD-ROM. The companion CD disk (included in the songbook) has complete piano sheet music files and overhead masters for every one of the 200 songs in the songbook. The printed songbook itself has lyrics, chord charts and teaching articles...(more)
  • Selah 2 - Like Men Who Dreamed - Heather Clark (2002)

    Selah 2 - Like Men Who Dreamed - Heather Clark (2002)
    It is the strength of the scriptures that Heather Clark draws on in her latest CD 'Selah 2 - Like Men Who Dreamed'. Using the Psalms as the base, she adds her signature vocals and growing musical palette to develop melody and vibe to a number of songs of the Psalms. It is suprising to me that this powerful combination seems somewhat lacking as a general rule through most praise and worship projects...(more)
  • Draw Me Close - 25 Top Vineyard Worship Songs (2002)

    Draw Me Close - 25 Top Vineyard Worship Songs (2002)
    Vineyard Music has done it right! Instead of putting out just another endless collection series, they sat down and looked at the seasons of grace that God has given their music and went about capturing those time frames of gifted songwriting into 4 concise double CD editions entitled "25 Top Vineyard Worship Songs". Each edition contains the top 25 songs from that era of Vineyard music...(more)
  • Mercy - Eoghan Heaslip (2002)

    Mercy - Eoghan Heaslip (2002)
    There is a passion worth bringing to the nations, with this new album, 'Mercy'. I am particularily impressed with the heart and ministry behind this music. Additional to that, however, is some truly great music. As the CD perculates through the first song, the sounds of pop-rock intersect with acoustic guitar into a swell that welcomes the listener to nod their head and worship in beckon prayer and praise...(more)
  • The Best of Celtic Praise and Worship - Eden's Bridge (2003)

    The Best of Celtic Praise and Worship - Eden's Bridge (2003)
    For those who have enjoyed the sounds of celtic music as they praise and worship God, there is no sound like the music of Eden's Bridge, and the signature vocals of Sarah Lacy. You will be captivated by the sounds of this excellent collection of the best work from Eden's Bridge. But more than just a pleasing sound, I found that the depths of devotion and contrition that are apparant in the lyrics of these songs had me rending my heart before God, then...(more)
  • One Glimpse - Vineyard Music New Zealand (2003)

    One Glimpse - Vineyard Music New Zealand (2003)
    Rising, lifting, resting, flourishing the ebb and flow of the sounds from the new Vineyard album from New Zealand, One Glimpse, has placed some excellent songs on a skillfully crafted sonic palette for all to listen to. When you think of new music for the church, most people think of live worship projects, anthemic choruses and congregational sounds echoing in the recording. Vineyard delivers a whole different offering to the Body of Christ with...(more)
  • Dwell - Casey Corum, Sheri Keller, Dave Fife, Jessica Ketola, Robbie Reider (2003)

    Dwell - Casey Corum, Sheri Keller, Dave Fife, Jessica Ketola, Robbie Reider (2003)
    "You can have Your way
    You can have Your way
    You can have Your way... "
    ...this is the naturally supernatural chant that serves as the introit to bring in the lyrical and musical masterpiece that is "Dwell", the new release from Vineyard Music USA. "Dwell" as a musical offering is nothing short of phenomenal, leaving me at a loss to find an album I've liked more in the last 5 years...(more)
  • Modern Worship: Music Styles - Paul Baloche (2003)

    Modern Worship: Music Styles - Paul Baloche (2003)
    Now worship leader/songwriter Paul Baloche has blazed the trail by presenting the first edition in a series of instructional DVDs for worship leaders and worship teams. This first DVD is entitled "Worship Styles". While the DVD is an independently produced effort by Paul Baloche, the videography on this DVD is top notch. A nicely set 6-camera presentation, with excellent audio, transitions, effects and edits, this DVD is far above normal indie video...(more)
  • A Place Called Surrender - Dave Lubben (2003)

    A Place Called Surrender - Dave Lubben (2003)
    Vertical Music newcomer, Dave Lubben presents his freshman release as a completely live and personal journey celebrating what worship really is. This does not involve the temporal items such as instruments, music and CDs, but the eternal action of laying down one's life, as a surrendering act of obedience, into the powerful peace of God's will. You could have learned this was on Dave Lubben's heart, and in God's heart for him...(more)
  • Leading Worship: A DVD Training Experience - Dan Wilt (2003)

    Leading Worship: A DVD Training Experience - Dan Wilt (2003)
    Looking at tools for helping us move forward in both understanding and application in a given area, one of the best new tools available is video. Vineyard Music Canada has tapped into this media in digital format with the Leading Worship DVD. Beginning with the host, Dan Wilt, you are walked through what feels like a Canadian documentary/instruction program on the topic of worship leading. Moving from one short interview to another, this brilliant...(more)
  • Hear Harmony Series / Rachelle Randeen (2004)

    Hear Harmony Series / Rachelle Randeen (2004)
    Hear Harmony was the winner of the 2004 Resource of the Year from Hear Harmony are Vocal Training CDs focusing on harmony through independent singing in rounds, parallel 3rds, finding a starting pitch and harmonizing above or below the harmony. There are 3 CDs available in the series and each focuses on training through actual particpatory exercises. Demonstration followed by an opportunity to sing along.(more)
  • Even So Come - Kevin Prosch (1999/2004)

    Even So Come - Kevin Prosch (1999/2004)
    Few people would disagree that the monumental contribution of Kevin Prosch's "Even So Come" album gave us the landmark for all attempts at live albums that would follow in the 13 or so years since its original release by Vineyard Music (back in 1991). What is even more astounding about it is that while many have come after, attempting to mimic or even be inspired on to better results- none, absolutely none, have surpassed Even So Come...(more)
  • Today - Brian Doerksen (2004)

    Today - Brian Doerksen (2004)
    "Today" is a worship project that really needs to be experienced to be appreciated (IE. get the DVD!). And there is much to appreciate here. Musically, the track list is comprised of eight new songs (except for one, all written or co-written by Doerksen), five redone songs mostly from Doerksen's Vineyard repertoire, and two re-visited classic hymns. Stylistically, this is Doerksen's most diverse palette of tastes presented on a single album yet...(more)
  • Arriving - Chris Tomlin (2004)

    Arriving - Chris Tomlin (2004)
    Arriving was Chris Tomlin's break out blockbuster album and it still holds sway as one of the best artistic endeavors in Christian music in the last 10 years. Arriving became such a tremendous success for several reasons, but the primary are: great songs and great production. One of the hallmarks of a great artist is their ability to incorporate great songs that they didn't write. Tomlin shines in this regard...(more)
  • Vineyard Classics - Carl Tuttle (2005)

    Vineyard Classics - Carl Tuttle (2005)
    Joyful, unencumbered and refreshing. These are the thoughts that come to mind as you sit down and worship along with worship leader Carl Tuttle's latest studio CD 'Vineyard Classics'. These are some of the most poignant, worshipful songs you will ever hear. At the core of this album is simplicity and devotion. The songs are accessible in their musical and lyrical arrangements, though the album is very well produced and sonically pleasing...(more)
  • I Have To Believe - Rita Springer (2005)

    I Have To Believe - Rita Springer (2005)
    With 'I Have To Believe' Rita Spring returns with her most sonically excellent project to date. Every note, chord, and rhythm are laid out with expert precision into the tracks of this new offering. And this is not surprising, since acclaimed producers Nathan Nockels and Margaret Becker have taken the helm for the production on this recording. The result is both beautiful and surprisingly broad in its reach...(more)
  • Acoustic Guitar - Paul Baloche (2005)

    Acoustic Guitar - Paul Baloche (2005)
    Musicians have always understood something about learning and playing music. Moving from the use of basic constructs and components, like notes, rhythms, chords and strums, the way on to proficiency is two-fold: modeling and intrinsics. Ask any quality musician and they will tell you that understanding the instruction and mechanics of playing an instrument are just the building blocks of music. How you take those skills and apply them will develop into..(more)
  • Yesterday Today & Forever - Vicky Beeching (2005)

    Yesterday Today & Forever - Vicky Beeching (2005)
    I first heard of Vicky Beeching from the landmark Vineyard UK CD "Hungry", where her song "There Is No One Like Our God" appeared in the track list. This year, Vicky has come to fruition as a songwriter and worship leader with her new release "Yesterday, Today & Forever". This is a clean, crisp studio project with a mirthful combination of church-usable worship songs with radio-playable production...(more)
  • Intermediate Acoustic Worship Guitar Course (2008)

    Intermediate Acoustic Worship Guitar Course (2008)
    Worship leaders and acoustic guitar players need to be wary of a major illness that can infect their playing. This malady is called complacency. It comes to rest all too often on rhythm acoustic guitar players, especially worship leaders. But fortunately there is a cure. And it comes in a nice, low calorie package. It is "Intermediate Acoustic Worship Guitar". When I began watching this DVD set to help understand what it was, I quickly realized...(more)
  • The Beginning Drummer DVD - Carl Albrecht (2006)

    The Beginning Drummer DVD - Carl Albrecht (2006)
    While "The Beginning Drummer" DVD is focused on developing the framework of how to play the drums, it is much more than just a great tool for just novice drummers. I would recommend this DVD to any drummer, whether a beginner or an advanced player. Any drummer will benefit from this excellent tool. All the segments taught on the DVD are explained in crisp, succinct language and then demonstrated with nicely paced lesson that can be used as a guide to...(more)
  • What Is Worship? - Dan Wilt (2006)

    What Is Worship? - Dan Wilt (2006)
    There are as many definitions of "worship" in the church as there are teachers, which results in a myriad of reflection, study and teachings on the topic. Captivating this topic in a helpful video symposium, Vineyard Worship resources and host Dan Wilt have gathered some of the most insightful and influential voices in the global church. The new DVD entitled "What is Worship ?" serves as a panorama of expression from scholars and pastors alike who...(more)
  • Living For You - Gateway Worship (2006)

    Living For You - Gateway Worship (2006)
    Once in a while an album comes along that surprises you with great songs, capturing melodies and effusive worship. In the "normal" course of things, a strong project might contain one great song and maybe another good song. Rarely would you find a project with 3 or 4 truly top notch songs. But in 2006, a growing church in the Dallas metroplex released an album called "Living For You"...(more)
  • Unshakable - Andy Park (2006)

    Unshakable - Andy Park (2006)
    From unashamed to impassioned, from declarative to prayerful, and from intimate to glorious- these are the swells of heart language that flow from "Unshakable", the sparkling new collection of worship and songs from veteran songwriter/worship leader Andy Park. I can't stop listening to this newest project because, simply, is inspires me at new depths with each listen. What a great collection of songs- very diverse but seamlessly synchronized in...(more)
  • A Greater Song - Paul Baloche (2006)

    A Greater Song - Paul Baloche (2006)
    The album "A Greater Song" shows one of the richest collections of new songs in recent memory. But beyond being just great singable new songs, they are crafted with excellence in lyrics and music. Paul manages to put together a truly great album with "A Greater Song" by not only attending to musical production, but by co-writing nearly every song on the album with some of the best songwriters in the world...(more)
  • Our God Saves - Paul Baloche (2007)

    Our God Saves - Paul Baloche (2007)
    "Our God Saves"! With this declarative anthem, Paul Baloche launches another missile of praise heavenward, and takes us all along for the ride. This new album is a glistening collection of songs in a progressive acoustic/rock styling while remaining a thoroughly congregational experience. In many ways, "Our God Saves" could be considered the second edition of "A Greater Song" (the award winning album released last year from Paul Baloche)...(more)
  • Playlist: Stand In Awe - Jeremy Riddle, Sheri Carr, Jan L'Ecuyer, Steve Jones, Charlie Hines (2007)

    Playlist: Stand In Awe - Jeremy Riddle, Sheri Carr, Jan L'Ecuyer, Steve Jones, Charlie Hines (2007)
    If you have felt (like me) disappointed by several popular CDs in the last few years, welcome you back to what a worship project should be- "Playlist: Stand In Awe" from Vineyard Music. One of the original vanguards of resourcing the church in worship, Vineyard has stayed true to its roots with great songs, while making continued strides in progressive musical production and sound with its arrangements and musicianship. The essence of a great worship...(more)
  • We Cry Out - Jesus Culture Music (2007)

    We Cry Out - Jesus Culture Music (2007)
    Anyone who has been present and involved with local churches and ministries at a formative time period understands the kind of encouragement and freedom that comes with discovering God anew. The fresh sounds of praise music are often synchronous with a burgeoning work of God's Spirit among those who are willing to abandon themselves to God's purposes. It is this tenor and effusion of enthusiasm that rings true in the music of Jesus Culture...(more)
  • Holy God - Brian Doerksen (2007)

    Holy God - Brian Doerksen (2007)
    Song writer/worship leader Brian Doerksen presents this latest offering of worship not as a collection of "hit songs" (though there are some worthy of that moniker), but as a journey that takes you from the call of prayer to the throne of heaven and back home where we live our lives with our Holy God. Doerksen has always been an artist who presents themes in his projects and songs, but this project epitomizes that style...(more)
  • When Justice Shines - David Ruis (2007)

    When Justice Shines - David Ruis (2007)
    What is missing in worship? Local church voice, unique community expression, or local music culture flavor. These are issues too deep for be handled in an album review, but they come up here because of the encouraging life that springs up from David Ruis new worship collection "When Justice Shines". This project is a brilliant example of local church worship engaging its community with the real sound of its local musicians. It's refreshing...(more)
  • Yuletide Blend - Terry Butler, Smitty Price (2007)

    Yuletide Blend - Terry Butler, Smitty Price (2007)
    Produced by veteran worship leader and song writer, Terry Butler, along with CCM acclaimed producer Smitty Price, "Yuletide Blend" is simply the best Christmas project I have ever heard. It is a wonderful mixture of sparkling instrumental expression, brilliant arrangements, excellent song selection and perfectly spaced occasional vocals. The majority of the songs are presented as instrumental renditions that live up to everything perfect you think of...(more)
  • I Belong - Kathryn Scott (2008)

    I Belong - Kathryn Scott (2008)
    Kathryn Scott is the voice and writer of the modern classic song "Hungry". Kathryn has now come out with her first studio project entitled "I Belong". With this new release comes a deep message of God's love and our identity in Him delivered in a crystal clear audio experience of music and lyrics. Even after listening to this CD about 20 times, I am more captivated each time through this beautiful project. The album runs along two paradoxical axis...(more)
  • Your Love Never Fails - Jesus Culture (2008)

    Your Love Never Fails - Jesus Culture (2008)
    In the last 3 years a local church in Southern California has become influential with its youth-centric music and events. Jesus Culture is a youth ministry that has been holding events worldwide for years now, but worship has always been an integral part of their focus and excellence. One of the early recordings that produced was "Your Love Never Fails". Like all of the Jesus Culture recordings it is a live album, collected from their live events...(more)
  • Musicademy Worship Drums Course (2008)

    Musicademy Worship Drums Course (2008)
    Most of the musical training within the worship community have been more of “clinic session” style resources. Those clinic style DVDs deal topically or stylistically with learning how to play an instrument in the worship setting. However, what has been missing from the resourcing cache of the modern church are extensive and comprehensive full length courses on given instruments. To that end, Musicademy brings us “Worship Drums Course" DVDs...(more)
  • Hymns: A Modern Translation - Sean and Aimee Dayton (2008)

    Hymns: A Modern Translation - Sean and Aimee Dayton (2008)
    Right at the start let me say "Hymns: a modern translation" is an engaging, and beautiful worship experience that I am pleased to grant an Editor's Choice Award. In the last 10 years, I have had the privilege of listening to and writing reviews on hundreds of worship projects/CDs. Of all those only a handful have captured my ear and hearts as much as this project.(more)
  • iWORSHIP FLEXX - Multipart MPEG Lyric Presentation Videos (2008)

    iWORSHIP FLEXX is marketed as "videos that follow your lead". An apt description, iWORSHIP FLEXX are professional videos related to specific worship songs. Each FLEXX product contains several songs (normally 7 different songs on each edition). Each song comes with several MPEG & Quicktime files - each file represents a song segment...(more)
  • iWORSHIP FLEXX - Multipart MPEG Lyric Presentation Videos (2008)

    iWORSHIP FLEXX - Multipart MPEG Lyric Presentation Videos (2008)
    iWORSHIP FLEXX is marketed as "videos that follow your lead". An apt description, iWORSHIP FLEXX are professional videos related to specific worship songs. Each FLEXX product contains several songs (normally 7 different songs on each edition). Each song comes with several MPEG & Quicktime files - each file represents a song segment...(more)
  • Drum Grooves for Worship - Carl Albrecht (2009)

    Drum Grooves for Worship - Carl Albrecht (2009)
    The subtitle of this DVD is "Essential Patterns for the Top 100 CCLI Songs" and this is a descript summation of Carl's intention on this training resource DVD. Here is the premise- Carl reviewed the most popular 100 songs played in churches today (as ranked by CCLI) and listened to the recordings of those songs. In analyzing the songs, and the recordings of those songs, Carl found that all of them can be played in what amounts to 7 basic rhythm types. (more)
  • Wonder Working God - Andy Park (2009)

    Wonder Working God - Andy Park (2009)
    Several months ago I found myself on a driving trip from New Orleans to Mobile, AL then to Nashville. Over eleven hours total in driving prompted me to bring two new worship CDs to review. The first one I put in was Andy Park's "Wonder Working God". I never took it out. Like my trip, the project is a journey of its own going from song to song, sound to sound, culture to culture. Collectively, this project moves through a wide range of rock, acoustic...(more)
  • Show Me The Way To Your Heart - single (2011)

    Show Me The Way To Your Heart - single (2011)
    The song "Show Me The Way To Your Heart" is a new single just releasing from ION Records. You can find it on their front page at . The song is a captivating call both to us and God. To us because it invites us into the prayer with its writers to seek God's heart and call on him even as we make our journey towards him. A call to God in that the song itself is a prayer "show me the way to Your heart"...(more)
  • Kingdom Rain - Kim Gentes (2011)

    Kingdom Rain - Kim Gentes (2011)
    [Review/Don Moen]
    Kim Gentes may not be as familiar a name to you as some of the well known worship leaders, but he has been instrumental in providing the church with some of the best worship resources available for the past 15 years. While serving as a worship leader in his church every week he recognized the need to easily access great worship songs and resources, but also had a desire to share them with the worship community around the world...(more)
  • Level Ground - Brian Doerksen (2011)

    Level Ground - Brian Doerksen (2011)
    Welcome to the place of level ground
    Welcome to the place where grace abounds
    We all need mercy
    We all need mercy This is the first verse of the title track on Brian Doerksen's music experience, "Level Ground". Like most of Brian's projects, this one is a woven, purposeful story. In this episode of his sharing with the church, the theme is grace. Liner notes intro this CD well by saying:
    "This project began as a simple idea... a picture of grace."
  • You Hold It All - New Life Church (2011)

    You Hold It All - New Life Church (2011)
    The newest album from New Life Church and its arsenal of great songwriters, Jon Egan, Jared Anderson and Glenn Packiam. This time they are joined by the notable lyricist Mia Fieldes on several songs, with additional credits to several others scattered across the 12 track, 13 song collection of this project. And this is the immediately what is most striking about this new project- the lyrical strength of the songs...(more)
  • Folks Like Us - Club Vineyard 73 (2011)

    Folks Like Us - Club Vineyard 73 (2011)
    Snap, pop, crackle, flood. Not words that normally go together. But then, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Such was the case for this afternoon. I sat down. Threw in the latest Club CD of new songs releasing from the Vineyard churches. Snap! I’ll dispense with the usual oblique comments meant to accommodate for the fact that the review may have different tastes than the reader...(more)
  • Weathered / Sheri Carr (2011)

    Weathered / Sheri Carr (2011)
    A brilliant new look at Sheri Carr's music. Perfectly contained arrangements highlight her stellar voice & wonderful new songs. You haven't heard Sheri like this before. The EP has a pop/country/light rock feel that tells thoughtful stories of real life. Staying away from cliché lyrics, she shines as an artist and songwriter on this EP. Sheri packs so much life and hope into this album it will rip your heart out and hand it back to you with a warm smile.(more)
  • 10,000 Reasons - Matt Redman (2011)

    10,000 Reasons - Matt Redman (2011)
    With a jubilant song of freedom, Matt Redman leads us into his newest album "10,000 Reasons" on the wings of the high-energy declaration song "We Are The Free". This is about as upbeat, power-chord driven, high-tempo as I've ever heard Matt Redman- and he doesn't waste it on bad lyrics. "We Are The Free" is spendid lyric writing, coupled with the hard driving beat and a passionate voice it makes for a great introductory track...(more)
  • Furious - Jeremy Riddle (2011)

    Furious - Jeremy Riddle (2011)
    Some projects come loaded with great music. Some with great songwriting. Some with timely message that is beyond both music and lyrics- a sense in which now is the time for us to all to sing a song together. Today releases the 3rd album from Jeremy Riddle, worship leader and songwriter. One listen to this album and you are immediately struck by Jeremy's desire to be set on fire by God, his unconcern for following a formula and his ernest...(more)