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  • Period: 500 to

    Key Figures

  • Aug 15, 1042

    Pope Urban ll

    Pope Urban ll
    Urban II (1042-1099) was pope from 1088 to 1099.
    Declared first crusade
  • Aug 14, 1122

    Fredeick Barbarossa

    Fredeick Barbarossa
    Nationality: German
    Also Known by the Nickname: Barbarossa, or Red-Beard
    Lifespan: 1122 - 1190
    Frederick Barbarossa was the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Germany from 1152-1190
  • Aug 14, 1137


    Nationality: A Kurd. Saladin came from Kurdistan which is now in present day northern Iraq
    Also Known as: Salah Ad-din Yusuf Ibn Ayyub. The name Salah ad Din means "Righteousness of the Faith"
    Religion: Saladin was a Muslim

    Lifespan: 1137 - 1193
    Captured the cross in battle of patrid
  • Aug 15, 1254

    Marco Polo

    Marco Polo
    Nationality: Italian - Marco Polo was born in Venice
    Also Known by the Nickname:
    Lifespan: 1254-1324
  • Aug 14, 1270

    William Wallace

    William Wallace
    Nationality: Scottish
    Also Known by the Nickname: Braveheart
    Lifespan: 1270 – 1305
  • Aug 14, 1400

    Johann Gutenberg

    Johann Gutenberg
    Nationality: German
    Lifespan: c1400 - 1468
    Date of Birth: He was born c1400 - his exact date of birth is unknown
  • Aug 14, 1412

    Joan of Arc

    Joan of Arc
    Nationality: French
    Also Known by the Nickname: The Maid of Orleans and La Pucelle
    Lifespan: 1412 - 1431
  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood
    Nationality: English
    Also Known as: Robin of Sherwood,
    Lifespan: The Life of Robin Hood was set in the era when King Richard the Lionheart went to the crusades leaving his brother John as Regent