Key battles of the French Revolution

  • Declaration of Pillnitz

    It declared the joint support of the Holy Roman Empire and of Prussia for King Louis XVI of France against the French Revolution.Calling on European powers to intervene if Louis was threatened, this declaration was intended to serve as a warning to the French revolutionaries not to infringe further on the king's prerogatives and to permit his resumption of power. The declaration stated that Austria would go to war if and only if all the other major European powers also went to war with France.
  • Declaration of war against Austria

  • France invades Austrian Netherlands

  • Brunswick Manifesto

    Largely scripted by emigres. The Brunswick Manifesto threatened that if the French royal family were harmed, then French civilians would be harmed. It was a measure intended to intimidate Paris, but rather helped further spur the increasingly radical French Revolution and finally led to the war between revolutionary France and counter-revolutionary monarchies.
  • Austria and Prussia begin invastion of France

  • Battle of Verdun. Prussian victory.

    Have Prussians clear route to Paris.
  • Battle of Valmy. French victory.

  • France have occupied all of the Austrian Netherlands

  • Battle of Andelhoven. Austrian victory.

  • Siege of Mainz. Allied victory.

    14th April- 23rd July 1793
  • Levée en masse

  • Battle of Hondschoote. French victory.

    6-8th September 1793
  • Siege of Dunkirk. French victory.

    24th August-8th September