Kenneth Craik timeline

  • Kenneth Craik Birth

    Kenneth Craik Birth
    Kenneth Craik was born on March 29, 1914, in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was the son of a solicitor who was named James Craik and the mother was named Marie Sylvia.
  • Received doctorate

    Received doctorate
    He went to school at the University Edinburg where he studied Philosophy and received a doctorate at the University of Cambridge in 1940.
  • Craik Fellowship

    Worked with Magdalen Vernon and were able to publish papers about black adaptation during 1941 and 1943.
  • Craik book "The Nature of Explanation"

    Craik book "The Nature of Explanation"
    He argued this could only be achieved once the discipline of epistemology was integrated with raw data produced by the sciences of physiology and psychology. In his book, Craik suggested the foundation for the concept of mental models, that the mind forms models of reality and uses them to predict similar future events. He was thus one of the earliest practitioners of cognitive science.
  • Craik Miniature Steam Engine

    Craik Miniature Steam Engine
    Craik was a committed technician, during his spare time, he took courses in plumbing and welding, something far from his field but he did it to be able to build experimental devices. It was at this time that he was devoted and was able to build a miniature steam engine.
  • MRC Applied Science Unit

    MRC Applied Science Unit
    Craik was appointed as a director of the established MRC Applied Science Unit. He continued to help his colleagues with the construction of new equipment as well as the solution of technical problems.
  • Craik Death

    Craik Death
    Craik passed away in a car accident while he was riding his bicycle at the early age of 31, on May 8th, 1945.
  • Craik Quote

    An introduction to the concept of Mental Models is established in a book entitled The Nature of Explanation by Kenneth Craik.