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kayle and sherrys timeline

By kayle68
  • Jan 1, 1358

    Giovanni Boccaccio (Literature)

    His greatest work is the "Decameron". Throughout his life he produced many famous tales and poems.
  • Dec 13, 1513

    Niccolo Machiavelli

    He wrote the pamphlet "The Prince". It was a guide on ruling.
  • Shakespeare (literature)

    This was when his play, Romeo and Juliet was first performed. It was about two star-crossed lovers destined to fall in love and end up in a trajedy of death and lies.
  • John Wallis (Calculus)

    John Wallis (Calculus)
    To learn more about John Wallis He published "Arithmetica Infinitorum". In this was the first general theorem to appear in calculus.
  • Rene Descartes

    Rene Descartes
    He published "Geometry" which gave birth to analytical geometry. The most important of his contributions were his philosophical writings.
  • John Locke

    John Locke
    His most important political work was "Two Treatises of Government". In it he argues that the function of the state is to protect the natural rights of citizens.
  • Michel Rolle (Calculus)

    Michel Rolle (Calculus)
    To learn more about Michel Rolle go to He published "Rolle's Theorem" which he is most famously known for. he was also elected to the Royal Acedemy of Science.
  • John Bernoulli (Calculus)

    John Bernoulli (Calculus)
    He published a mathmatical challenge. It was a popular device used in the early days of calculus.
  • Brook Taylor (calculus)

    Brook Taylor (calculus)
    'Methodus Incrementorum Directa Et Inversa" was the first book he wrote. It developed the " calculus of finit differences".
  • Thomas Simpson (Calculus)

    Thomas Simpson (Calculus)
    For more information about Thomas Simpson He is best known for his work on "Theory of Errors". He wante dto prove that arithmitic mean was better thatn a single observation.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin
    This was when his interests turned to electricity. He made an experiment with a kite that verified the connection between lightning and electricity.
  • James Lind (Envirnmental Science)

    He invented the cure for scurvy. As long as you eat plenty of fruit while your on a sail boat in the middle of the ocean you will be okay.
  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith
    More information about Adam Smith Adam Smith published the Wealth of Nations in 1776. He believed that if workers specialized in a certain work field that they could produce more.
  • Declaration of Independence Signed (U.S History)

    This was when the United States was officially seperated from Great Brittain. This is now a annually celebrated event in America.
  • First U.S President (U.S History)

    George Washington was the first U.S president.
  • George Washington (U.S Government)

    He became the first president of the Unitd States. Before the election, he served as a lieutenant colonel.
  • John Adams

    He was president from 1797-1801. He helped lead the movement to independence. During the revolutionary war he helped negotiate the treaty of peace.
  • Edgar Allen Poe (Literature)

    This was when his poem was published in "New York Evening Mirror". It was eery and famous for its diversity.
  • Abraham Lincoln (U.S Government)

    He baceme the oresident in 1860 after loosing the 1st election. In 1863, he issued the emancipation that declared forever freed slaves.
  • Alice Hamilton (Envirnmental Science)

    This was when she recieved her medical degree. She was also the first female proffesor at harvard.
  • Marie Curie (Chemistry)

    Marie Curie (Chemistry)
    She discovered a new elment, that came to be known as "radium." Because of that she and her husband won a Nobel Prize in Physics.
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    He was the youngest president at age 43. He was president from 1901-1909. He brought excitement and power to the presidency.
  • Robert Frost (Literature)

    This was when his famous poem "The Road Not Taken" was published. It was about being yourself and not making all the decisions as everybody alse just because you wil be the odd one out. It may be the way less traveled but sometimes it is the best.
  • Jean-Paul Sartre

    Jean-Paul Sartre
    To learn more about Jean-Paul Sartre He was a philosopher and literary critic. His first novel was "La Nausee". It expressed that human life had no purpose.
  • Hitler (U.S History)

    Hitler was an evil hypocrite who believed that anyone who was not of pure german blood were vile disgusting creatures that needed to be annhiliated. The U.S believed that this was very wrong so they intervined and the battle when they finally captured Germany's capital and set free the hostage countries and people was the Battle of Nuremburg.
  • Peter Singer

    He was a political philosopher that was best known for his his work in bioethics. Also for his role in one of the intellectual founders of the modern animal rights movement.
  • Jane Goodall

    She is famous for her observations with chimpanzees. She is a big animal lover.
  • Bill Bass (Envirnmental Science)

    He created teh body farm behind U.T. He studied the effects of body composition in different envirnments.
  • Jane Goodall (Envirnmental Science)

    She came to fame by taking care and nursing chimpanzees. Also watching them in scientific experiments.
  • Jimmy Carter (envirnmental science)

    He was a president that created teh Department of Energy. He encouraged the making of and conservation of energy resources.
  • Lois Gibbs (envirnmental science)

    She figured out her neighborhood was located on a 20,000 ton chemical waste dump. She organized a group of homemakers to fight the toxic waste.
  • J.K Rowling (Literature)

    To learn more about J.k Rowling go to <a href='http://' > This was when Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was published in the United Kingdom. She makes her name into J.K Rowling instead of Joanne beause they dont think boys would read a book written by a girl.
  • Terrorist Attack (U.S History)

    This was a monumental moment in history. Something of this magnetude had never happened before so extra security precautions had to be taken in airport security.
  • Barack Obama (U.S Government)

    He bacame the 44th president.. He is the first African American President in our history.