Katniss - Times where Katniss gets help

  • Period: Aug 8, 700 to Oct 8, 1000


  • Peeta helps Katniss

    Peeta has helped Katniss before she even knew who he truly was. Whan they were younger, Katniss was seen by Peeta. Peeta, being the gentlman he is, tossed her a peice of bread that he was about to throw out after his mother found he had messed it up.
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    Pre-Hunger Games

  • Katniss gets help from Gale

    Gale helped Katniss by being her true friend back home in District 12. Gale was also her parnter for hunting untill she got into the Games. He also regularly came over to help out with Katniss's family even though his family and situation were equally, if not worse ethan hers.
  • Prim helps Katniss while she is away

    Prim helped Katniss by promising to help their mother with her medicine and healing talents and services. Maybe Katniss just played along but it seemed like this helped Katniss get by a little easier knowing that Prim was going to work side by side with thier mother.
  • Katniss gets help from her mother

    Katniss's mother cause more pain than healing to Katniss, butshe was still her mother. Katniss's mom, like Prim, helped Katniss know that her little sister was going to be safe. Prim meant almost more to her than her mother did, so knowing she was going to be safe really helped clear her mind.
  • Madge Undersee helps Katniss

    Madge, first apperaring the day before the reaping, helps Katniss by buying the game she had caught with Gale that same day. Madge is the mayor's daughter and can afford a decent life in District 12. She also gave Katniss the nockingjay pin that gave Katniss courage and is a great symbole to the Hunger Games seris.
  • Mr. Mellark helps Katniss

    Mr. Mellark, Petta's father, helped Katniss out in different ways. One was giving Katniss cookies and telling her that he would look after Katniss's mother and little sister. He also helped her out metally by telling her that if push came to shove, Katniss would have to kill Peeta and Mr. Mellark gave Katniss his "blessing."
  • Haymitch helps Katniss

    Haymitch is trying, but rather forced to but Effie, to help Katniss survive in the Hunger Games. Along with Peeta, the two are thought by Haymitch for the games. Since Haymitch is the only victory from their District, and Effie desperately needs more attention, Haymitch continues to show Katniss the ropes untill the Games commence
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  • cina helps Katniss

    Cina helped Katniss in two ways. The obvious way is being the designer behind Katniss's stunning "girl of fire" outfit everyone seemed to love. Cina also was Katniss's friend in the Games and in the tours. Cina really helped Katniss keep calm, and sane.
  • The Judges help Katniss

    The judges greatly help Katniss as she stunned them all with her impressive, yet dangerous, archery skills. when the ratings were televised, she was givin and 11. This greatly helped Katniss's chances in the Games because now people will sponcer her and send her some aid while in the arena.
  • Rue helps Katniss

    Ruse helped Katniss in the Games. Rue not only helped Katniss battle in the Games, but she was a friend, and somewhat of a temporary Prim in the Games.Rue was also good with calls and helped Hatniss communicate in the Games.