Katniss gets help

  • Dad teaches Katniss how to hunt

    Katniss was young when her dad taught her how to hunt. That kept her whole family alive because no one else in her family could hunt and that is a large reason she stayed alive during the Hunger Games.
  • Peeta gives Katniss bread

    After Katniss's dad died, she was responsible for putting food on the table. One night, she couldn't get any money or catch any animals, and she was digging through the garbage behind the bakery. Peeta Mellark, the baker's son, purposely burned bread so he couldn't sell it and went to put it on the ground so Katniss could find it.
  • Peeta's dad helps out Katniss's family

    Katniss was the provider for her family. When she went away to the Games, she didn't have anyone to provide for her family. So, Peeta's Dad said he would feed them and watch out for them.
  • Haymitch sends medicaton for burns

    Two days after the Games started, the Gamemakers decided that it was getting boring, so they set the arena on fire. Katniss got burned badly on her leg. Haymitch, her mentor, sent her some medication to heel her leg.
  • Rue points out Tracker Jackers

    Katniss was alone in the begining of the Games, most of the times in trees. One time she spotted something, and that something was Rue, the little girl from District 11. Rue pointed above Katniss's head and above her head were some of the deadliest bees Tracker Jackers.
  • Rue helps Katniss with her injuries

    Katniss got burned by the fire, and Haymitch sent her medicine. She also got stung by the Tracker Jackers but she did not know how to treat them. She teamed up with Rue and Rue helped her by putting special kind of eaves on it.
  • Katniss recieve gift from District 11

    Katniss and Rue became allies and very good friends . Rue reminded Katniss of Prim, so Katniss took care of her like a little sister. Rue ended up dying, and District 11 wanted to show some apprecitaion by sending her some bread for helping out Rue.
  • Recieve sleeping ointment for Peeta

    Claudius announced that two people could win the Games, so Katniss went to go find Peeta. When she found him he had a big wound on his leg, and he couldn't walk. Katniss needed to go to the Cornucopia to get medicine from the Capitol, but Peeta wouldn't let her, so Haymitch sent sleeping medicine to put Peeta out so Katniss could go.
  • Thresh Let Katniss go because she helped Rue

    When Katniss went to the Cornucopia for the medicine, she got caught by Thresh, the other tribute from Rue's District.Thresh let Katniss go because Katniss tried to help Rue.
  • Capitol gave her madicine

    When Peeta was extremely sick, Katniss was able to go to the Cornucopia to get the medicine Peeta needed for his leg wound. In order to get it she had to risk her life, but the Capitol had such advance medicine that no one from her district could afford, and with out it she couldn't save Peeta.
  • Haymitch sends a nice meal

    Katniss knew Haymitch wantedPeeta and her to act like they were in love. So Katniss ask ed Peeta questions about when his crush started on her to get him to say romantic things. Haymitch rewarded them with a fancy meal.