Kathleen Kane

  • First female Attorney General

    First female Attorney General
    Kathleen kane became the first female attorney general of pennsylvania
  • inaugurated

    Kathleen Kane became the 48th attorney general for pennsylvania
  • Sting shut down

    Sting shut down
    Angela Couloumbis and Craig R. McCoy of the Philadelphia Inquirer publish a story revealing that Kane shut down a sting operation that began in 2010 and was targeting several Philly State Reps.
  • Challenge

    Kathleen Kane challenges critic and Philadelphia DA Seth Williams to pursue the sting case.
  • Investigation

    Brad Bumsted and Melissa Daniels of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reveal that Moulton’s investigation uncovered numerous sexually explicit emails that were sent and shared in the database of the Attorney General’s office.
  • Emails handed over

    Emails handed over
    Attorney General Kane hands over 4,000 emails to PA Supreme Court Chief Justice Ron Castille.
  • Staff discipline

    Staff discipline
    Kane disciplines 31 staffers for their involvement in exchanging pornographic emails.
  • Kane gets charges

    Kane gets charges
    In yet another Couloumbis and McCoy report, the state learns that the grand jury is recommending charges of perjury and contempt of court against Kane.
  • Kane will be back

    Kane will be back
    Kane announces that she will not resign and also will challenge the legality of Special Prosecutor Carluccio’s work before the PA Supreme Court
  • Arguments

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Kane’s case that the appointment of a special prosecutor is illegal.
  • Refuses

    Kane refuses to release any emails, despite Court’s order
  • Release Emails

    Release Emails
    After being accused of holding some of Justice Eakin’s emails, Kathleen kane says hat she will release all of them and blames First Deputy Bruce Beemer for the discrepancy.
  • Refuses to testify

    Refuses to testify
    Ardo announces that Kane won’t testify at the State Senate’s hearing concerning her potential removal from office.
  • Reinstated

    Kane seeks to have her law license reinstated.
  • Removing posibility

    Removing posibility
    The State Senate committee recommends removing Kane if her law license is not reinstated.