• Born

    born in ....................
  • Period: to

    Kat Von D life

  • Moved to the US

    Moved to the US
    Moved to Colton,California.
  • Punk, and Rock bands

    Punk, and Rock bands
    began listening to non-classical music.
  • First Tattoo

    First Tattoo
    Got first tattoo of an old, crude, english 'J',
  • Ran aways to Georgia

    Ran aways to Georgia
    Took a bus with James and ran away from home.
  • Drop Out,New Begining.

    Drop Out,New Begining.
    Dropped out of high school. Began career in tattoos.
  • Married to Oliver Peck

    Married to Oliver Peck
    Married fellow tattoo artist Oliver.
  • Divorced

    Marrage ended with Oliver
  • Nikki Sixx

    Nikki Sixx
    started dating Nikki Sixx
  • Broke up with Nikki

    Broke up with Nikki
    relationship with Nikki disapeared.
  • Engaged

    Got engaged with Jessie James.
  • Now unengaged

    Now unengaged
    Split with Jessie James.
  • Jessie James

    Jessie James
    Started Dating Jessie from west coast choppers.
  • Offically Done with Jessie

    Offically Done with Jessie
    Offical split with Jessie.