kaitlyn and cameron's timeline

  • Thomas Edison perfected the Phonograph

    Thomas Edison perfected the Phonograph
  • gramophone

    gramophone etched grooves in flat discs that rotated on a platter.
  • History

    As the 1900's began, the variety of music genre began to grow exponentially it seems. Ragtime, big band, jazz, folk, blues, crooning, scat, country/western, funk, be bop, rock, southern rock, disco, punk, break dance, hip-hop, techno, acid jazz, progressive, alternative, house music and many other types and variables were formed.
  • non-music related History

    This date was the first successful, powered, piloted flight in history. the pilots were the wright brothers
  • electricity

    electricity started playing a role in recording
  • overdubbing

    in the 1920's, engineers were able to introduce a new technique: overdubbing
  • magnetic tape

    magnetic tape
    in the 1930's, a new way of capturing sound came along; magnetic tape
  • cameron was born

    cameron was born
    Cameron was born.
  • track

    Kaitlyn first place in the 400 run.