kai haggett kings life

By kaih
  • birth

    i was born in the american hospital.with my brother nils.
  • dia

    when i was in year three i broke my collarbone playing rugby
  • dia

    i went to dia the future school for me
  • football

    i have been a great fan of football and i love playing it someday
    when i was ten i was in the football team and we won the football 7s and at wellington,we sadly lost the grand final but we hit back when im 11
  • football (again)

    now when im 11 i am in the football team and we are on top of the leage with a goal difference of +3o and 18 poits and have not lost a game
  • school

    for me i love this school and i hope it stays like this forever
  • making this

    i am making this in my it class
  • christmas

    i cant wait till its christmas and i want to do love chrismas