Justin Bieber's troubles

  • 'Believe' album certified platinum in the United States

  • Caught speeding

    Reportedy caught driving 165 km/h in a 105km/h zone in San Vernando, California. The singer claimed he was attempting to lose the paparazzi.
  • Wears overalls to meet Canadian PM

    Wears overalls to meet Canadian PM
    This photo of the pop star wearing a T-shirt and overalls to meet Prime Minister Stephen Harper irked many Canadians who called his attire 'disrespectful.'
  • Caught smoking marijuana

    Caught smoking marijuana
    TMZ posted photos of a the singer smoking marijuana at a Jan. 2 hotel party. He later apologized to his fans on Twitter writing ““Everyday growing and learning. trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up..i see all of u. i hear all of u. i never want to let any of you down. i love u. and..thank u.”
  • Selena Gomez confirms Bieber split

    Selena Gomez confirms Bieber split
  • Shows off bare butt on Instagram

    Shows off bare butt on Instagram
  • Topless in London

    Topless in London
    Fans become concerned after pictures emerge of Bieber wandering around the streets of London half naked after a night out at a club.
  • 'Worst birthday ever’

    'Worst birthday ever’
    Circus-themed birthday party at Cirque du Soir club ruined after Bieber’s entrourage reportedly clashed with club security. Bieber tweeted out his disappointment later on that night by writing “Worst birthday ever.”
  • Two hours late for concert

    Two hours late for concert
    Fans at Beiber’s first show in London boo the pop star after he arrives two hours late. He blames the tardiness on ‘technical issues” and later apologizes.
  • Rants on Twitter

    Facing criticism over his tardiness and late night parties while in London, Bieber unleashes a rant over Twitter calling out the British tabloid press.
  • Collapses onstage in London, England

    Collapses onstage in London, England
    Needed oxygen backstage at London’s O2 Arena after collapsing during his performance. He was rushed to the hospital, but reportedly ignored doctor’s orders and returned to the arena to finnish the show.
  • Threatens photog

    Threatens photog
    Bieber’s security guards had to hold the singer back after he leaped out of a car to threaten a photographer. Bieber screamed “I'm gonna f--king beat the f--k out of you" at a photog who called him a moron.
  • Cancels Portugual concert

    Local reports suggest the show was axed due to poor ticket sales
  • Rants at critics on Instagram

    A frustrated Bieber posted a long rant on his Instagram account in which he blasted the press for their 'lies', bragged about his success and mocked Lindsay Lohan's financial woes.
  • Selena Gomez burns Bieber on 'Letterman'

    Selena Gomez burns Bieber on 'Letterman'
    While on The Late Show with David Letterman, Selena Gomez jokes she made ex-boyfriend Bieber cry.
  • Biebs half-naked at Polish airport

    Biebs half-naked at Polish airport
    Even though it was -10C, Bieber strolled through security shirtless and with half his underwear exposed at a Polish airport.
  • Bieber's breakfast-time battle

    Shorlty after returning to his California home from Poland, Bieber gets into an argument with his neighbour who claims the pop star's home was a noisy party place the whole time he was away. The cops get involved when the neighbour accuses Bieber of threatening him during their early morning fight.
  • The Anne Frank message

    Bieber upsets many after visiting the Anne Frank House with a message he left in the museum's guestbook: "Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber."
  • Drugs found on tour bus in Sweden

  • Angers neighbours for allegedly speeding

    Retired football player Keyshawn Johnson allegedly raced after Bieber's Ferrari (in his Prius) after spotting the pop star reportedly driving at break-neck speeds in his Calabasas neighbourhood. Cops were called in to investegate the claims.
  • Video of Justin urinating hits the internet

    Video of Bieber urinating into a mop bucket in a club kitchen goes viral - and makes the pop star look even more like a spoiled, entitled, ungrateful brat.
  • Justin linked to egg attack

    Los Angeles police raid Justin Bieber's home (and find drugs on his friend Lil Za) after a nieghbour called in accusing the pop star of egging and damaging his house.
  • Charged with dangerous driving and assault in Stratford