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Justin Bieber

By jamesh
  • he was born

    he was born
    Jutin was born March the 1, 1994
  • albums

    justin has made three albums altogetther these albums are acoustic version, my world 2.0, and never say never the remixes
  • FUN FACTS!!!!

    FUN FACTS!!!!
    justin sold out madison square garden in 22 minutes. Justin is left handed. his favortie solor is purple. justin recently played in the 2011 nba all star celebrity game.
  • high school

    high school
    justin has not graduated high school yet he is currently being homeschooled. He is now a senior.
  • albums released

    albums released
    justins albums were released in 2009
  • awards

    justin has won awards he won best new artist and best song baby from kids choice awards.
  • hit songs

    hit songs
    mostly all of justins songs were hit songs but the main ones were one less lonely girl, one time, and baby.
  • instuments he plays

    instuments he plays
    justin plays the guitar, drums, piano, and the trumpet which he taught himself to play.
  • he is from

    he is from
    justin is from stratford, ontario, Canada
  • he started

    he started
    justin began his music career when he was just 14.
  • first hits

    first hits
    justins first hit was one time followed by one less lonely girl
  • Movies

    justin recently mad a hit movie "justin bieber in 3D" he also starred in CSI Miami.
  • he began

    he began
    justin began on youtube when a guy named scooter discovered his videos and thought justin was pretty good so he called up justin so he could meet with him