(JS) The Death Cure by James Dashner, Fiction, 324 pgs.

  • Chapters 1-22

    Thomas wakes up to find himself in white room,the walls padded,and nothing in there but a desk an toilet by the door.After 4 weeks,the rat man,Janson,shows up to take Thomas out of there to have his memories brought back.He reunites with his friends,who decide they don't want their memories back,so they plan a break out which fails at first,then later succeeds for strange reasons.All the guards had been tied up by the other firends.Thomas,Jorge,Brenda,Newt,and Minho then flew to Denver.1-102;462
  • Chapters 22-36

    When the get to the city, Newt must stat behind because he's not immune to the flare like the others. They are soon greeted with a note from their old enemy, Gally. They go to his apartment where he tells them about a plan to fight WICKED. Later at a coffee shop, there is a man with the Flare. Everyone flees except thomas. A guard wants to use his immunity to make money. but is killed by WICKED. They leave the city to find Newt missing. 100-172: 532
  • Chapters 36-61

    At the crank palace, Jorge, Thomas, Minho, and Brenda went to find Newt. When they found him, he threatened to kill them so they had to leave. Back in Denver, the city was now completely contaminated with the flare.2 guards kidnapped them to a secret location to plan an attack on WICKED.Minho was suspicious of the kidnapping so they went to see the boss. On the way, they got attacked by cranks but lived. Their plan was to drop Thomas near WICKED so he could plant a device dissabling all weapons
  • Chapters 61-End

    Thomas is put to sleep by the doctor at WICKED, in preperation for his fatal Brain Surgery. He tries to resist, but he can't. Then, somehow he wakes up, a map and directions next to him. It is from the founder of WICKED, showing an escape route. He follows it, but a crazed man tries to take him back to the operating table, but fails. He finds his friends and tells them they must find the other imunes that are being kept in the maze, but they warn him the whole place is goin to blow up. Still, he