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Fred Astaire

  • Fred Astaire is Born

    Fred Astaire is Born
    Fredrick Austerlitz is born on 5/10/1899 in Omaha Nebraska.
  • Early Childhood

    Early Childhood
    Fred spent his early childhood in Nebraska with his parents and sister Adele. His sister Adele was the dancer of the family and Fred took up playing instruments such as piano, accordion, and the clarinet. Their mother already had big plans for the both of them
  • The big Move

    The big Move
    Freds family moved to New York when their father lost his job. Fred and Adele began training at a theater for arts. Their stage name was then changed to "Astaire" to cut ties with the battle of Austerlitz.
  • First Contract

    First Contract
    Fred and Adele Landed their first contract after performing locally in New York. Unfortunately his sister Adele grew taller than him which resulted in them taking a break from show business for 2 years.
  • Career Resumed

    Career Resumed
    In 1912 their career resumed adding tap dancing, tango, and the waltz to their act.
  • Broadway

    From 1917-1932 Fred and Adele performed on Broadway making a real name for themselves. Landing big shows like The Bunch and Judy, Lady, Be Good and Funny Face to name a few. During this time Fred began to outshine his sister.
  • The Split

    The Split
    Come 1932 Adele married her first husband and stopped performing which lead to Freds solo act. This allowed Fred to really break into show business creating a more romantic stage presence with other women dance partners.
  • Movies

    Fred Astaire eventually made It to the big screen. Although hesitant Astaire partnered with Ginger Rogers. His movie career got off to a rocky start but he eventually went on to make 9 films with Rogers, 6 being huge money makers.
  • Early Retirement

    Early Retirement
    Eventually Astaire ventured off and started making movies with other artist such as, Eleanor Powell, Rita Hayworth and Lucille Bremer. Astaire was unfortunately always insecure about his career which lead to him announcing his retirement after making his film "Blue Skies"
  • The Return

    The Return
    His retirement did not last long with him coming back about 2 years later. He went on to make more films with some being successful and others a disaster. During this time his wife passed away of lung cancer. His final musical with MGM was "Silk Stockings" which also didn't do well. In 1957 he announced his 2nd retirement.
  • The Finale

    The Finale
    Although retired Astaire made 4 more musicals from 1958-1968. During this time he won 9 Emmy Awards. He also went on to appear in non dancing roles and TV series. His last dance on screen was a show called Galactica, he asked to be casted on the show because of his grandchildren liked the series. His last film made was "Ghost Story" in 1981.
  • Death

    Fred Astaire Passed away on June 22, 1987 from pneumonia. He had such a huge influence in the dancing community his legacy will always be remembered.