Joseph Stalin

  • Born

  • Joined Bolsheviks

    Bolsheviks= Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party:
    incited strikes, spread propaganda, raised money by robbing, ransom and extortion
  • Period: to

    Russian Civil War

    Challenged Trotsky (founder of Red Army)
    Ordered killings of counter-revoltuionists and former red army officers
    Had deserters publically executed as traitors
  • Period: to

    Polish-Soviet War

    Wanted to take Polish held Lviv, which conflicted with Lenin/Trotsky's strategy
    Refused to redirect troops for Lviv- lost both battles-blamed on Stalin
  • Resigned military command

    After losing battles over Polish-held Lviv
  • Played role in Red Army invading Georgia

  • Appointed to Gen. Secretary of Communist Party of Sov. Union

    Alloved Stalin to appoint personal allies to Gov't. positions.
  • Period: to

    General Secretary of Party's Cental Committee

  • Replaced New Economic Policy w/ Centralised Command

    5yr Plans => USSR Industrialised
  • Trotky criticised Stalin of Lviv battles

  • Period: to

    Soviet Famine

  • Period: to

    Organised Ukrainian famile to kill idlers off

  • Receives 1108 negative votes @ party conference

  • Communist Party boss murdered

    Stalin launched purge vs internatl enemies,
  • Soviet Union consists of Workers/Kolkhoz peasentry

    Wrokers-state property
    Kolkhoz- collective property
  • Stalin's purges ended- no opponents left in power

  • Stalin failed to establish France-Soviet Alliance

  • Soviet Union enter non-aggressive pact w/ Germany

  • Gave secret police order to assassinate Trotsky in Mexico

  • Ordered 25,700 Polish POWs to be executed

  • Period: to

    Deported 3.3million people to Serbia

  • Period: to

    Premier of Soviet Union

  • Destroyed all supplies before Germans could seize them

  • Order No. 270

    Deserters to be shot on spot
  • Period: to

    Soviet Atomic Bom Project

  • Period: to

    Stalin kept forces in Germany after country surrendered

  • Suffered severe heart-attack

  • Suffered from probable stroke

  • Died