joseph's timeline

By lil joe
  • life of skateboarding

    life of skateboarding
    since the 1970s,skateparks have been constructed specifically for use by skateboarders,freestlye bmxers,aggressive skaters,and very recently,scooters.
  • how did skateboarding start

    how did skateboarding start
    surers in california get the bright idea to surf concrete and invent skateboarding.the origin of the first skateboard has never been proven as it seems to have the spontaneous invention of multiple people.
  • when did skateboarding start

    when did skateboarding start
    skateboarding started in the 1950s to the late 60s.the reason for thier invention seems to comsistent and that was so surfers could practice thier balance and moves on land.
  • why skateboarding start

    why skateboarding start
    skateboarding started because surfers wanted to learn how to skate on ground with there surf now kids thought that they should try to skate so they made skate boards.No one knows who made the first skateboard.
  • how did skateboarding get so big

    how did skateboarding get so big
    skateboarding got so big because kids started to skate and there was compitions.Everywhere you go you will see a kid have a skateboard or you will see skate parks.
  • life of racing cars

    life of racing cars
    Life's W12 machine had been designed by the former Ferrari engineer Franco Rocchi,[1] who had been responsible for, among others, Ferrari's famous 3-litre V8 for the 1970s 308 GTB and GTS. Rocchi's W12 plans dated back to a 1967 single-module W3 of 500 cc as a prototype for a 3 litre W18 Ferrari engine of a planned 480 hp.[1] After his dismissal in 1980, Rocchi worked privately on an engine in a W12 configuration.
  • when did racing start

    when did racing start
    Racing began soon after the construction of the first successful petrol-fueled autos; before that time people raced in other vehicles such as horse-drawn buggies. The first race ever organized, by the chief editor of Paris publication Le Vélocipède, Monsieur Fossier, was on April 28 1887 and ran 2 kilometers from Neuilly Bridge to the Bois de Boulogne. It was won by Georges Bouton, in a car he had constructed with Albert, the Comte de Dion, but as he was the only competitor to show up it is rath
  • who started racing cars

    who started racing cars
    Automobile racing began soon after the invention of the gasoline- (petrol-) fueled internal-combustion engine in the 1880s. The first organized automobile competition, a reliability test in 1894 from Paris to Rouen, Fr., a distance of about 80 km (50 mi), was won with an average speed of 16.4 kph (10.2 mph). In 1895 the first true race was held, from Paris to Bordeaux, Fr., and back, a distance of 1,178 km. The winner made an average speed of 24.15 kph.
  • what was the fastest car

    what was the fastest car
    The XK120 was launched in open two-seater or (US) roadster form at the 1948 London Motor Show as a testbed and show car for the new Jaguar XK engine. The display car was the first prototype, chassis number 670001. It looked almost identical to the production cars except that the straight outer pillars of its windscreen would be curved on the production version. The roadster caused a sensation, which persuaded Jaguar founder and design boss William Lyons to put it into production.
  • why did racing get so big

    why did racing get so big
    people just started racing for money and to have is always gunna be around,i see alot of racing cars and more are getting built.The more money people are makeing because cars are getting built and faster.