John Wilkes Booth Plan

Timeline created by Julia Ferrin
In History
  • Confederate States of America Fell

    The Confederate States of America lost. "On April 3, 1865, Richmond, Virginia, the capital city of the Confederate States of America, fell to Union forces" (Swanson 2).
  • Washington Grand Illumination

    Washington celebrated the defeat of the Confederacy with a grand illumination of the city.
  • Presidential Messenger

    Booth received a message that President Lincoln was coming to Ford's that evening.
  • Associates Unite

    John Wilkes Booth, George Atzerodt, Lewis Powell, and David Herold met to discuss a plan to kill Lincoln, the Secretary of State Seward, and Vice President Johnson.
  • Abraham Lincoln Shot

    Booth shot Lincoln at Ford's and escaped.
  • George Atzerodt Gives Up

    Atzerodt gave up the scheme to kill Vice President Johnson.
  • Herold and Lewis arive and scheme at Seward's home.

    Lewis planned to dress as a messenger to throw off Seward's servants.
  • Seward/family/friends attacked

    Powell attacked Seward and his family, the nurse, and the Surgeon that were in the house.
  • Fanny Screamed, Herold Fled

    Fanny screamed "Murder!" out the window, making Herold flee.
  • Herold And Booth Meet Up

    Booth after a long journey meets Herold to escape to the South.