John Polkinghorne

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  • Who is John Polkinghorne ?

    John Charlton Polkinghorne is a English physicist and priest who was born on October 16, 1930 in Weston-super-Mare , Somerset, England. He is widely known for publicly championed the reconciliation of science and religion. As of 09 August 2020 he still is alive and living.
  • What has John Polkinghorne done?

    In 1952 he earned a bachelors degree in mathematics. Three years later he earned a masters in quantum field theory and a year later earned a doctorate in the same. In 1974 he received another doctorate in theoretical elementary particle physics from Trinity College.
  • Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics

    Is the study of the fundamental subatomic particles, including both matter and antimatter , and the carrier particles of the fundamental interactions as described by the quantum filed theory. All theories within particle physics involve quantum mechanics, in which symmetry is the primary importance. John Polkinghorne's creation of mathematical models was used to calculate the paths of quantum particles, which was recognized in 1974 by the Royal Society.
  • Conclusion of his research

    1979 was the year that Polkinghorne concluded that his research came to and end and in turn began studying theology at Westcott House in Cambridge. In 1982 he was ordained as a priest.
  • Pulblications

    Polkinghorne published The Way the World Is, where he explained how a thinking person can be a Christian. His first book was the first of several books that focused on the relationship between science and religion. Other books he has written are: The Faith of a Physicist: Reflections of a Bottom;Up Thinker and Faith , Science and Understanding are to name a few.
  • Templeton Prize

    Is an award presented annually to a living person who has made an exceptional contribution to affirming life's spiritual dimension, whether through insight, discovery or practical works. It is considered to some tom be the equivalent of a Nobel Peace Prize for religion. John Polkinghorne was awarded this award in 2002.
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