John P. O'Neill Steps To 9/11

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    John O'Neill's Steps to 9/11

  • Cop Shows (203)

    Shows like The F.B.I. influenced O'Neill to dream of becoming an agent. He soon got a job as a fingerprinter to work his way up the ladder.
  • Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

    The Soviet invasion sparked Osama bin Laden's ideals ot become more radical. O'Neill began to see a possible threat arising from the invasion.
  • Creation of Al-Qaeda

    Without the creation of al-Qaeda, O'Neill would have never rose up the ladder due to his intuitiveness of al-Qaeda.
  • Move to FBI's Chicago Office

    This would be his first job involving acts of terrorism and would mature his intuition.
  • WTC Bombing (339)

    Ramzi Yousef's act led to O'Neill's first big break in the bureau. O'Neill would later hunt down Yousef.
  • Appointed Chief of Counter-terrorism section (202)

    Now a leader of a unit, O'Neill's first big break to catch Yousef will lead him to go up the ladder in the FBI.
  • Justice Department makes new policy

    This new policy disabled the FBI and CIA from sharing information which would result in the carelessness to allow the 9/11 attacks.
  • O'Neill's Obsession of Osama bin Laden (208)

    He warns officials that there is an oncoming threat outside of America and becomes consumed in his work.
  • Khobar Tower Bombings (237)

    O'Neill would be sent out of the country to investigate; being the first time he went operational. This would feed his hunger of being a top agent.
  • Special Agent of the National Security Division (239)

    O'Neill gets a job in New York. This move will be fateful because he then would learn to love working in New York; a foreshadow of his to be job at WTC.
  • Osama's 1998 fatwa agains America

    This fatwa would result in the attacks of 9/11 and made O'Neill believe that al-Qaeda was not going to be quiet about it.
  • Embassy Bombings in East Africa

    O'Neill wanted to investigate the bombings thinking to find close ties and evidence suggesting al-Qaeda was involved. However, he was left out and this began O'Neill's fued with the CIA which would cause a case that would send O'Neill to retire.
  • O'Neill Captures Ahmed Ressam

    This capture will lead to O'Neill's investigation of Ghani Meskini and arrest. These two would later become witnesses for the government. O'Neill learns that there are sleeper cells within America.
  • Kuala Lampur Meeting (310)

    This meeting was the clue to stop the 9/11 attacks, however, vital information was kept away from FBI hands. This would eventually lead to O'Neill's demise.
  • Minhar and Hazmi arrive in LA for flight school

    The pilots of the 9/11 attacks slip under the radar to learn how to fly. O'Neill tries to get information on them and they are put on suspicion.
  • O'Neill's Beginning Downfall

    O'Neill begins to irresposibly lose important documents and items. This slows his progression in the FBI and leads to cases set against him which would later turn him to retire.
  • Uss Cole Bombing

    This bombing would lead to O'Neill's last big break and one he would be grateful to lead.
  • Catholicism (347)

    O'Neill turns back to Catholicism which makes him realize it is time to retire.
  • Richard Clarke seeks replacement (335)

    Dick Clarke considers O'Neill as NCS which sends O'Neill to contemplate his future. O'Neill would refuse the job.
  • The June 11th Meeting (342)

    A meeting between the CIA and FBI only resulted in a greater barrier that seperated the bureaus. This led to an increase of witholding information vital to the other player.
  • O'Neill and Valerie to Spain (344)

    O'Neill takes time to consider his future and decides to retire from the FBI and take a small job in the WTC.
  • CIA Witholds Information to FBI (351)

    When the CIA witholds pictures to an important meeting in Kula Lampur, the FBI and O'Neill are unable to stop the arising 9/11 attacks.
  • O'Neill Retires (351)

    O'Neill decides to retire in need of space and rest from being a government worker.
  • Pilots of 9/11 Put on Watchlist (352)

    The pilots were put on a watchlist, never to be caught. This would lead to O'Neill's fate.
  • WTC Attacks on 9/11 (359)

    O'Neill had just began work as a security official for the buildings and decided to be heroic. He went into the SOuth tower and never cme out, only to be found 10 days later.